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Jackie Chan Markup Language
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At will and on the fly Grab, Rotate, Invert, Break...
thumbwax, May 18 2002

Life Forms Dance Studio http://www.characte...on.com/splash3.html
Flash intro, beware. [bristolz, May 20 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Dance Notation (labanotation) http://www.dancenotation.org/
A dance recording symbol system. [bristolz, May 20 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Anything with my man Chan in it... http://www.screenin...den-Kingdom/300144/
[normzone, Apr 27 2008]

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       You know, the ideas on the bakery get weaker every single day.
[ sctld ], May 18 2002

       I worry about you [sctld]
po, May 18 2002

       Ooooh, I like. Microsoft, of course, will come out with a proprietary version: BLML (Bruce Lee Markup Language). BLML will not be compatable with JCML.   

       Now we need a KFTP (Kung-Fu Transport Protocol).
phoenix, May 19 2002

jealous, jealous, jealous
thumbwax, May 19 2002

       OK then there's DLML (David Lynch markup language)   

       <meaningless eerie closeup>In fact, I'm there right now</meaningless eerie closeup>   

       And SKML (Stanley Kubrick ML)   

       <wide-angle tracking shot>Oh I was cured, all right</wide-angle tracking shot>   

       and perhaps SSML (Steven Spielberg ML)   

       <profound Oscar-worthy denoument>Command is looking for you, son. You're going home</profound Oscar-worthy denoument>
globaltourniquet, May 19 2002

       (Christ) ML -----
To put the ‘Christ’ back in X-MAS; X-RAY; X-ML
reensure, May 19 2002

       Windows ChristP?
Christ-10 pop-under ads?
ChristChristChrist peep shows?
phoenix, May 19 2002

       Sorry, I really don't get this. I must be stupid, but what is the idea.?
arora, May 19 2002

       I don't get it either, [arora].
bristolz, May 19 2002

       I really didn't at first, but /… KFTP (Kung-Fu Transport Protocol)…/ is illuminating of JCML.
reensure, May 20 2002

       Alas, it's not illuminating to me.
bristolz, May 20 2002

       [thumbwax] can correct me if I misspeak, but the idea is for a descriptive language for the martial arts.   

       I think the idea started as a parody or spoof; but if one stretches a bit, one can imagine using such a language to animate avatars, coordinate stunt scenes or a way of describing people (if Jackie Chan can Grab, Rotate, Invert and Break..., I can Snore, Teach, Change Diaper and HalfBake...). Alas, the author doesn't give an intent, which may be the death of it.
phoenix, May 20 2002

       Choreography already has a specific language to describe body movements through space. I am too lazy once again to provide a link. Have a good evening.
entremanure, May 20 2002

       Are you talking about Life Forms, the graphic choreo/dance sequence system or are you talking about dance notation (labanotation)? I posted links for each. Both are graphic as opposed to a text and text markup system. I've seen Life Forms but never knew about labanotation. It looks interesting.
bristolz, May 20 2002

       D'oh! Sorry, I should have seen your links. Its late...Delete my anno if you want to.
entremanure, May 20 2002

       Not to worry. I posted the links after I read your anno.
bristolz, May 20 2002

bristolz, May 20 2002

computer: programming language category
thumbwax, May 20 2002

       Tae Kwin doxp, the latest clueflon-based operating system can manage JCML with enough standing power to wrestle down BLML in background operations.
reensure, May 26 2002

       phoenix: I prefer Mac OS Christ.
Valrus, Oct 17 2002

       One of my classmates in the Artificial Intelligence II class in Edinburgh, 1977, created a language to describe dance moves. Would probably work fine for this. Unfortunately the reference copy of her paper was lost when the AI Dept library in Edinburgh burned down a few years back. A tragic day.
gtoal, Apr 25 2008


       <remove-shades> <look-at-sun> <carruso-closeup>No, this was murder</remove-shades> </look-at-sun> </carruso-closeup> <80s-rock />
marklar, Apr 27 2008

       The JC in JCML should surely stand for Jean-Claude, no? Otherwise known as "The Belgian Notation".
zen_tom, Aug 04 2011


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