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A new language of limited practicality
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Jeeb-Ponk-Fwee is an invented language, largely idiomatic, consisting only of those three words.

"Jeeb" means something very similar to "I am (or you are, in rare cases) a gigantic duck"

"Ponk" generally means "I'm hungry" but can often be non-literally translated, usually referring to softness and/or artifice.

"Fwee" is an untraslatable emphatic word, either imparting subtle sarcasm or emphasizing deep sincerity, depending on inflection.

It would be hard to translate the Bible, for instance, into Jeeb-Ponk-Fwee. But this haiku would be relatively easy (the challenge would be to maintain the syllable count):

A large hungry duck
(I'm kidding around about
How hungry I am)

You are welcome to have fun with this new language.

globaltourniquet, Aug 28 2007

Flanders & Swann "Happy Song" http://www.nyanko.p...s/hat_song.html#HAP
Similar nonsense lyrics, also with Po in the middle [csea, Aug 28 2007]

with po at the end. http://www.thegoons.../ying_tong_song.asp
[po, Aug 29 2007]


       Baby talk?
normzone, Aug 28 2007

       hey po in the middle!
po, Aug 28 2007

       See [link] at bottom for another set of semi-nonsense lyrics. (Also with Po in the middle!)
csea, Aug 28 2007

       My understanding was that we didn't do invented words any more. I would think that includes whole bunches of invented words, whether or not you pretend they make up a whole language. So I'm gonna go out on a limb and say   

       [marked-for-deletion] word invention   

       unless someone says otherwise.
DrCurry, Aug 29 2007


       Actually, this is a complete invented language. There is a dialect that includes an additional word which cannot be transliterated, and is spoken with a single glottal-stop fricative and means either "I have a thought I wish to communicate, but this language is incapable of expressing it" or "Help, there's a pig in my kitchen", but mind you, this is not the King's Jeeb-Ponk-Fwee.
globaltourniquet, Aug 29 2007

       This is just idiomatic.
theleopard, Aug 29 2007


       What normzone said.
skinflaps, Aug 29 2007

       [I am-for-I'm hungry] ???   

       I had a friend who (whilst in a slightly abnormal state of mind) became a character called Pwee-Fwong. He discovered a small universe in the bin that he named Argon Fnitty.   

       When I first read this I thought it was bollocks. Now I quite like it. Funny that.
wagster, Aug 29 2007

       Since this language seems to be made up of four-letter, single-syllable words only, I'll give this idea "Blat", which means "I either approve or disapprove".
Canuck, Aug 29 2007

       Short love poem:   

       Fwee-ponk. Jeeb.   

       I'm totally truly starving. And you are a huge duck.
wagster, Aug 29 2007

       I read that as "Soft? Yeah, right. And I'm a big duck."
globaltourniquet, Aug 29 2007

       [jeeb-for-ponk] a new under the croissant thing! with or without bees.
po, Aug 29 2007

       -. fweeeeee weee weeee.
bungston, Aug 29 2007

       This is William Carlos Williams' "Danse Russe" loosely translated into Jeeb-Ponk-Fwee.   

       Jeeb, Jeeb, Jeeb, Fwee. Ponk, Jeeb, Jeeb Ponk. Ponk. Ponk Ponk Jeeb, Fwee, Jeeb Fwee Fwee Jeeb. Ponk Jeeb Fwee, Fwee Jeeb Ponk? Ponk.
monk, Aug 30 2007

       ponk. fwee.
Voice, Aug 30 2007

       I know what this is for; it's to make the Turing Test easier.
pertinax, Oct 22 2011

       Easier for whom? Not the judge, certainly. But defining the problem out of existence seems very much in the spirit of the Turing Test.   

       Is [Voice] a bot?
mouseposture, Oct 22 2011


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