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Jilted lover ring recycling

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It's a staple of romantic films, TV shows and 80's Volkswagen adverts that the jilted lover will throw their valuable engagement ring or wedding ring into the sea/ a river/ a drain at some point. This sort of senseless waste and desecration of the natural world with heavy metals is no longer acceptable and so I propose that at recycling centres there should be a small recycling bin for the jewellery of disillusioned lovers. This need not be big, but for security reasons it will be welded to the side of the much bigger and heavier glass recycling bin. Biodegradable rings made from dried seaweed will be available if you still feel the need to throw something into the sea.
hippo, Nov 08 2009


       [Ian] This idea has nothing to do with Wagner either.
hippo, Nov 08 2009

       My wedding ring is tattooed onto my finger. Do I just pop my amputated finger into the bin?
wagster, Nov 08 2009

       Actually, thinking about it, that's biodegradable really.
wagster, Nov 08 2009

       Your offer is acceptable.
8th of 7, Nov 08 2009

       Gold is not a heavy metal, well yes it is, but biological processes do not treat it as such. Same with platinum.   

       Likewise, if you want to be practical any jewelry can be recycled for it's precious component value (much less than was paid for it, especially for diamonds).   

       This lacks emphasis, however, which is the point of the stupid romantic gesture. I like the idea of cheaper, environmentally friendly replicas being available to throw away though. Might I suggest a 3d scanner and starch based Stereolithography so you can get an exact replica.
MechE, Nov 08 2009

       On a far more practical level, how's about a mail order service that replaces the diamond in an engagement ring with a paste replica, then couriers you back the ring and the value of the diamond in cash, minus commission, within twenty four hours.
wagster, Nov 08 2009

       I too failed to miscomprehend this idea. I assumed it was a sort of dating service where jilted partners could pair up with other jilted partners in some kind of rotational system.   

       However, I'm not keen on this idea. If a similar scheme had been in operation in the past, we'd never have unearthed such treasures as Stone Henge, the Norman Snake Bracelet the Mary Rose.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 08 2009

       Sorry? Stonehenge was thrown away by some bird in a huff?
wagster, Nov 08 2009

       No, Wags, that would be silly now, wouldn't it? Stonehenge was a traditional wedding gift - basically, the neolithic equivalent of a toaster. A woman needs only so many Henges (stone or otherwise), and no doubt this particular beauty got a bag on when the umpteenth "close friend" got her another bloody henge.   

       Not surprising really, given that cupboard-under-the-sinks hadn't even been invented yet.   

       But, point is, if she'd simply sent it for recycling instead of slinging it, druids would spend every solstice standing round a small patch of thistles.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 08 2009

       I thought the idea was about the jeweler guaranteeing the ring and if jilted then he or she would have a buy back price and a subsequent removal from memory smelting cost.
wjt, Nov 09 2009


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