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Job Description website

Where you'll know exactly what to expect
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Being an information junkie, I am a big fan of catalogs, encyclopedias, information depositories etc. They are especially good if web based, searchable and well organised. This one is a list of all job descriptions and their traditional role. Most misunderstandings, especially in the building trade arise from the fact that the customer doesn't know what to expect / expecting too much of the tradesman. A common disclaimer is always placed on: say battery operated products to avoid disappointment and state "batteries not included". Similarly when hiring a gardener, you'll know what he/she is used to do, what is to be expected. In my experience, people are not keen to do anything above and beyond of their normal routine even if asked and paid for. Also a good tool for young people finding out what job might interest them.
Bolly, Mar 09 2007


       How many jobs are defined in a standard way from company to company or country to country? Some, presumably, are; but perhaps not that many?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 09 2007


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