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Joke Duplicator

Specially tagged funny annotations are automatically copied here
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Think of this Idea as being the Destination. Try not to annotate it. Don't do anything except vote on it until we find out from jutta (possibly influenced by the vote tally) whether or not it should be implemented.

Ok, in OTHER places around the HalfBakery (AFTER we know that this Idea has been implemented), as you add some joke that can stand alone (without being particularly "in" with respect to the Idea to which the joke was annotated), you also add a special tag, like [joke]. Then you Enter it in the normal way. REMEMBER, THIS IDEA IS ONLY FOR STAND-ALONE JOKES, the ones that are frequently offtopic but you can't resist adding.

What the BakesPerson does is write some code to look for those tags in the User-Input-Processing-Buffer, and as the annotation is added to the OTHER idea, it is also added right here. Then someone who just wants to see the latest jokes, from all over the place, can just visit this Idea. This notion should also work if you go to some already-existing annotation and edit it to include the [joke] tag, because everything added to the HalfBakery goes through a processing buffer, which means it can be copied here.

I have feedback from [Worldgineer] indicating that a simple search for [joke] would make this idea unneeded. Yes and no, because of all the links you have to click to see the search-results.

Note I am not insisting that the tag be [joke]; let jutta decide.

I do understand that there may be a little difficulty involved in ensuring that a re-edited annotation isn't copied AGAIN to here. Perhaps the solution would be for the automated copier to change the tag from the suggested [joke] to [j], so that the tag is no longer there to trigger a copy, and the User knows that it has indeed been processed/copied.

I also see feedback from jutta (wish she had waited; has anyone besides me noticed how her opinions influence voting? -- i.e. a lot of HalfBakers are mere followers). Fortunately, she only said that she wouldn't be caught dead doing this. Since we all hope a long time passes before she can be caught dead, there is still a chance she can be caught live, doing this, heh heh. Nevertheless, I suspect she said what she said from the perspective of the goals for which the HalfBakery was designed -- that is, while humor abounds (even the little one-liners beneath the top-left croissant-image), that is not its true focus, away from which this Idea could shift. Ah, well.

Vernon, Feb 19 2004

alt.humor.best-of-usenet FAQ http://www.faqs.org...st-of-usenet-humor/
[kropotkin, Oct 17 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Sorry for annoing (feel free to delete this), but feedback is sometimes helpful. If this idea was useful, then you wouldn't even need to copy them to this idea - just search for [joke] to see all marked jokes. I find that the best jokes cannot be separated from context.
Worldgineer, Feb 19 2004

       Instead of just marking just jokes, we should have to mark all attempts at humor [facetiousness]. That would be really great [sarcasm].
AO, Feb 19 2004

po, Feb 19 2004

       //a way of turning your powers of self-delusion into money//   

       Baked (too many to list).
Detly, Feb 19 2004

       Perhaps we could collect together all the serious attempts at discussing inventions? That might take rather less time and space than this idea.
kropotkin, Feb 20 2004

       On most topics, a joke gains richness and flavor as the annotations roll along. Cut and paste would dillute.   

       ditto [jutta].   

       This is absurd and comical all in one. I see you have marked this idea as a [joke], which it is.
k_sra, Feb 20 2004

       What would happen if I were to post a [joke] directly on here? Would it get duplicated?
RobertKidney, Feb 20 2004

       What would happen if I were to post a [j] directly on here? Would it get duplicated?
Worldgineer, Feb 20 2004

       [ Joke Duplicator ]   

       Why would you want to have two copies of the same joke ?
normzone, Mar 02 2004


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