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Journey to Wonderland

‘Dramatic’ TV series starring Tammy Faye Bakker and Richard Simmons as husband/wife Strip Club Owners in Tijuana Mexico.
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The set is the divvy “La Cockaroacha” strip club owned by the duo “Tammy and Ritchie”. Various show themes revolve around: personal issues of the house strippers, drunken US Marine patrons as antagonists and ‘Puppy’ the house donkey as La Cockaroacha’s “Fonzee,” sweet & cool but strong hero (Puppy is clad in leather & studs and indeed has a mind of his own). Gary Coleman plays the conniving club manager “Corky” who is a continual source of aggravation. Emotions run rampant, language barriers lead to constant miscommunication, bar-fights ensue yet ‘Tammy, Richie and Puppy’ always save the day.

To give this show it’s own, unique quality, prerecorded laugh-tracks are timed at random intervals and have no correlation to the script or action whatsoever.

Nietzsche, Jul 18 2004

Wonderland http://www.mapquest...h&searchtab=address
Marked by a star [thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]


       This intial annotation is just a shamless attempt to propel my post to the front page for a wider audience. (and thus collect as many fishbones as possible)
Nietzsche, Jul 22 2004

       It worked
tasman, Jul 22 2004

jutta, Jul 22 2004

       Two doors up from John Holmes' 8763 Wonderland address, eh [thumbwax]? Not to be confused with Brad Anderson's 1998 very nice "Next Stop Wonderland".
jurist, Jul 22 2004

       Yes, it's "8 more" than Long John's place. *snicker*
thumbwax, Jul 22 2004


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