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Judgment Day

Let he who is without Gin cast the first fishbone.
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A day to vent on whomever without fear of repercussion. When all is said and done, Forgive and Forget.
thumbwax, Sep 19 2000

Venting Day http://www.newsofth.../archive/index.html
Maybe this would be a more acceptable solution... (see the first news article) [Cr0esus47, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Vengence is mine sayeth the Bored
davros42, Sep 20 2000

       Baked in some cultures -- there are holidays when you're allowed to (encouraged to) vent on your boss / landlord / parents / whomever. They put up with it (as long as no permanent damage is done), and the next day everyone pretends it never happenned.
egnor, Sep 22 2000

       [egnor] where is it and how do i get there?
FrancoCoylioni, Oct 03 2000

       Venteran's Day.
centauri, Oct 03 2000

       or deter the cops from patting you down. Especially if they check your crotch and they feel one break...
AfroAssault, Nov 29 2000

       Who is it says; You can forgive, OR forget, but not both at the same time....
DragonMother, Dec 26 2000


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