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Jukebox Concert

Let the coins decide
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Event in a high-ceiling venue. The crowd is eagerly waiting, pockets full of coins. Loud cheers as the lights go out, and the curtain rises. On the scene wall, tonight's artists are shelved on some twenty balconies above the stage.

All bands pose and fire up the crowd to get the prestigious opening slot. Madonna blows suggestive kisses at the audience, while Mick Jagger does the "El Diablo" sign, nodding forcefully with his tongue hanging out.

The crowd is aldready wild and frantically pours coins into labelled slots on poles throughout the hall, to promote their favorites. Suddenly, the huge, articulated robot arm fixed on the right-hand side of the stage, starts moving with a whirring sound.

Its claw-like hand extends towards the The Strokes' balcony who hurriedly zip up, leaving the advanced state of undress that won them the favour of the ladies. Hysterical screams as the band hops on, and is set down on stage in full limelight. The speakers crackle and briefly Larsen, Nick Valensi pinches a riff and Julian Casablancas takes possession of the mike: "GOOD EVENING LONDON!!!"

placid_turmoil, Feb 24 2009

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       I read the idea as "Jukebox Concerto", and imagined an altogether more refined event. But bun anyway (though I think the Strokes winning with Jagger on the bill is pure fantasy)
coprocephalous, Feb 24 2009

       Actually, the order of appearance was agreed upon by a significant portion of the crowd beforehand, on the Cheating Jukeboxers Unite social website, where consensus emerged that the Stones would be better suited for the grand finale.
placid_turmoil, Feb 24 2009

       Just don't play B-17.
You have been warned.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 24 2009

       Sounds awesome, especially for charity events. My only worry is that big names won't turn up to a gig they only play if they have a majority of fans there by chance.   

       Bun all the same.
Skrewloose, Feb 24 2009


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