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Metal Shredding Pipe Organ

Metal saws replace the modulation producing tone wheels that you have on a Hammond B3
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If you've ever cut metal, you'll know it makes an unholy shriek This is because the cutting blade is imparting a vibration to the metal. This vibration could be easily tuned to produce a desired note.

Spinning wheels used to create a note have been around since the 30s. They put a bunch of magnetic pickups next to these things and they create that classic electronic organ sound we all know.

These spinning wheels are saw blades. The metal bars feed into the 61 or so cutting mechanisms when their respective keys are pushed. The bonus of this very loud contraption is that it shoots sparks as you play it. Red hot molten metal sparks.

Turbojet woodwinds, explosion based percussion, these things, all amplified through V1 buzzbomb speakers, NOW we've got ourselves a concert.

doctorremulac3, Nov 03 2019

DB chart. https://www.protect...02/23/what-is-nihl/
Yea man! Heavy metal right behind jet engine! What? I said "HEAVY METAL RIGHT BEHIND JET ENGINE!". [doctorremulac3, Nov 04 2019]

L'arte dei rumori https://www.liberli...o/larte-dei-rumori/
Published in 1916. [pocmloc, Nov 04 2019]

Tone wheel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tonewheel
Replace the magnetic pickup with a piece of metal. [doctorremulac3, Nov 04 2019]


       Your culture is clearly yearning for an "Unconventional Orchestra" - making music, actual music, with things that normally just make noise.   

       Avant-garde composers such as Schonberg have managed to create "music" from a conventional orchestra that sounds like a bag of hanmers being shaken in a tin dustbin.   

       By assembling an array of power tools, hydraulic and electrical motors, firearms, gas turbines, pulse-jet engines, and a fire-organ, real classical music, but with a unique timbre, could be played.   

       We suspect that such an event would not only have novelty value, but a wide appeal.   

       Amplification would probably not be necessary, indeed some of the musicians will require heavy duty hearing protection.
8th of 7, Nov 04 2019

       I've got just the music to be played on these dangerous instruments. Mine.   

       And I'm used to wearing hearing protection, always wore ear plugs on stage. It's very very loud up there.   

       Now if that isn't a setup I don't know what is.   

       //always wore ear plugs on stage.//   

       1- "So did half the audience." 2- "They should have been packaged with your albums." 3- "Radio and MTV broadcasts were sponsored by Bob's Earplug Emporium.   

       Yea yea.   

       But seriously, check out the link. Jet engine = 140db, rock concert right behind at 120db.   

       If the gods played music, it would be heavy metal.
doctorremulac3, Nov 04 2019

       This is not a pipe organ. I think it is a free reed instrument, related to harmonica, concertina and accordion.
pocmloc, Nov 04 2019

       True, but it would also be a variation of the Hammond spinning wheels with pickups next to them. (link)
doctorremulac3, Nov 04 2019

       // harmonica, concertina and accordion. //   

       harmonica - just about tolerable.   

       concertina - irritating.   

       accordion - one small step down from bagpipes; clear grounds for summary execution without trial.
8th of 7, Nov 04 2019

       I didn't invent this idea! I only offered a more accurate classification!   

       So then we need to be more specific about how the noise is produced. Where does the sound come from - what part of the apparatus is transmitting vibrations to the air? Is it the saw blade, or the piece of metal that is being cut? I was assuming the latter, and that it formed a coupled system, with the saw exciting a vibration in the metal plate.
pocmloc, Nov 04 2019

       I know this sounds awful, but I get a bit sad when I see somebody who's REALLY good at accordion. Like "You put all this time and effort into playing an instrument and you had to pick that one."   

       That being said, I'm sure people who play accordions are very happy people, they're always smiling when they play them, but still.   

       And I don't believe they should executed without a trial. Due process is a cornerstone of our legal system.
doctorremulac3, Nov 04 2019

       As long as "due process" consists of "Is that your accordion ? Do you want a drink or a last cigarette ? Stand in front of this post. Here's your blindfold."   

       For extra pathos, they should be made to wear the accordion so the bullets pass through it too.
8th of 7, Nov 04 2019

       //As long as "due process" consists of "Is that your accordion ?//   

       LOL, yea, works for me.
doctorremulac3, Nov 04 2019


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