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Karaoke booths in the Antarctic

A one way ticket and a Karaoke booth location map.
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That should sort it out.
skinflaps, Dec 19 2009

+ love it OR get one just for yourself! http://estb.msn.com...61A96F4F5F6DA55.jpg
[xandram, Dec 21 2009]

karaoke taxi http://cabbieblog.f.../karaoke_cabbie.jpg
[xandram, Dec 21 2009]


       I don't think this addresses "that" problem. They wouldn't have made them in time, otherwise.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 19 2009

       It's a kind of karaoker pilgrimage.
skinflaps, Dec 19 2009

       Doesn't the map make it too easy?
pocmloc, Dec 19 2009

       It's a map of the Cottian Alps.
skinflaps, Dec 19 2009

       What the hell did the penguins ever do to you!?   

       Nothing at all.Maybe I could start a reciprocal penguin/karaoker exchange program.
skinflaps, Dec 19 2009

       [-} Cruelty to penguins.   

       [+] dead karaoke aficionados.   

       Vote: Neutral.   

       Could the penguins be provided with earplugs ?
8th of 7, Dec 19 2009

       Penguins do not have external visible ears. However, they do have an ear canal. I'll talk to the airline in regards to blocking out the intrusion of karaokers.
skinflaps, Dec 19 2009

       The booths could be provided with a coin-in-the-slot meter prominently labeled "HEATING", linked to a few kilos of a suitable high explosive ...
8th of 7, Dec 21 2009

       They could sing "White Christmas". And "Let it Snow".
wagster, Dec 21 2009

       [+] for [8th of 7]
pocmloc, Dec 21 2009

       But how do you return?
Inyuki, Dec 21 2009

pocmloc, Dec 21 2009


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