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Kerbal Space Force

Defending Space for All of Kerbinkind...
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I was excited to rediscover my stored copy of Kerbal Space Program while rummaging around on my cd's looking for something else. Visions of space rockets and orbital mechanics and Kerbal glory danced in my head, and soon I stuffed it into a corner of my barely-functional "Windows 10" machine, (actually a used Windows Vista era laptop that didn't totally choke on 10).

After playing with it awhile, I've come upon the realization that it's all... well... a bit boring for being hard, which is disappointing for such a finely-crafted physics engine. Fly here, fly there, orbit this and that, take some atmosphere temps, try and land on Laythe and Eeloo... it suffers from the same tedium of trying to back up an over-large trailer into an tight RV campsite using some tiny mirrors, your speedo, a watch, and a GPS.

Enter the bad guys who are subject to the same physics you are. They could from the evil side of Kerbin or from some other extra-system planet altogether. Design a weapon to throw some well-aimed asteroids at their ship before they destroy your space station. Claim Laythe planetary territory before they land there. Save Kerbin from the virus they bring with them by preventing them from landing.

Maybe some enterprising modder could set up a multiplayer mod designed with a competition in mind. Are *those* Kerbals trying to fly to the Mun before your Kerbals get there? Plant some spies and sabotage their rocket design, or send a space-plane kareening at ther launch site to knock it all down.

RayfordSteele, May 19 2020




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