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Key-Change Button for Guitars

The easy way to modulate up a half-step in the middle of a song
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Don’t you hate it when you start in the pleasant key of G, but then the song modulates and you have to finish in difficult G-sharp (or, worse yet, A-flat)?

Just push the Key-Change Button. It causes the first fret to pop up and press against the strings. (It’s like a stealth capo that you can activate while playing) Shift your hand up one fret and play the “same” chords, now a half-step higher!

AO, Apr 18 2003

Try the Hipshot Trilogy. http://www.hipshotproducts.com/
729 alternate tunings at the flip of 6 levers. [angel, Oct 21 2004]


       Twice in one day I get to link to Hipshot's site. Pretty much baked by those clever guys.
angel, Apr 18 2003

       Jimmy Page has used this system for a few years.
thumbwax, Apr 18 2003

       hey, why not extend the system for the first - let's say- 5 freets, so, you choose which one to raise, and then, you don't need a capo?
laflores, Oct 28 2003

       They have pedals that do this.
troglodyte, Jan 10 2004

       And if you're really good enough you don't even a guitar, you can make all the sounds with your mouth.
bristolz, Feb 07 2005

       Can we please kill this idea as Widely Known to Exist (albeit amongst guitar lalyers!) We are the only sad buggers who deal with tunings anyway! (p.s. I currently have "The Rain Song" tuning on my guitar - now that is seriuosly cool!
gnomethang, Feb 07 2005

       So, there are guitars with frets that pop up on demand?
bristolz, Feb 07 2005

       [gnomethang]: I currently have 729 different tunings on my Vox.
angel, Feb 09 2005


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