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Keyboard-present dentist's chair

Attach a keyboard to the dentist's chair and communicate with the dentist through a display screen
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Well, yesterday I went to a dentist, and I couldn't answer the questions, so I used my electronic dictionary with memo function to type in the answers back while my mouth was under surgery.

It proved quite pleasant to be able to communicate and express what I want. So I thought, why not in every dentist's chair, and maybe even in every surgery where your speaking ability through your mouth is limited, and consciousness is present.

Though I believe this method has already been used in surgery, I haven't seen a dentist's chair with keyboard for communication with the patient.

I found there was this problem already addressed in the idea named [dentaltalk]

Inyuki, Jun 29 2006

Dental Patient Speech Synthesizer dentaltalk
Another solutions towards the similar problem. [Inyuki, Jun 29 2006]

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       (That's "Brilliant" with mouthful of dental tools)   

monojohnny, Jun 29 2006

       Hi, [monojohny]. Nice to meet you.   

       What do you by adding the quotation marks to the word "Brilliant"?
Inyuki, Jun 29 2006

       I just meant the actual word "Brilliant"; if I hadn't quoted it, it would have been a different sentence !   

       I'm going to get told off by the +voters for "HalfBaker Side Topics" if I carry in this thread !   

       Hajimashite - Anata wa Nihon-Jin arimasu ka ?
monojohnny, Jun 29 2006

       Carry on, I'm a -voter.
wagster, Jun 29 2006


       Oh. I see. Well, we've got [wagster] too.   

       Long time no see, and thank you for the comment sent to my email.   

       [monojohnny], I am actually a Japanese-to-be. Well, but originally from Norht-East Europe.   

       What about you?   

       As for the question that you wrote in Japanese " do you have Japanese (people) here? " (though I guess you wanted to ask if I am a Japanese, which would be written as "Anata ha nihonjin desuka?"), well, I live in Tokyo, so I have many Japanese around.
Inyuki, Jun 29 2006

       I don't understand a word of Japanese, I just think that it's a good thing to spatter a bit of multilingualism about the place. The web tends to be a little anglocentric and this place is no exception.
wagster, Jun 29 2006

       Sumimasen. Nihon-go o hanasuru koto ga dekimasu, joizu dewa arimasen.   

       That's also probably wrong as well (!)   

       Dwy'n dod o Cymru, ond dwy'n bwy yn Lloegr.
monojohnny, Jun 29 2006

       [monojohnny], This time it was perfectly correct.   

       Now I don't understand, what is the "Dwy'n dod o Cymru, ond dwy'n bwy yn Lloegr.". Is it an abbreviation of some English sentence?   

       [wagster], I wish this page was more international, just like Wikipedia is, but making it's versions in other languages wouldn't help so much in searching the similar ideas and so on, as there are not so many people who speak many languages.   

       We need some international language ASAP. :)
Inyuki, Jun 29 2006

       Wales-go desu.   

       "Watashi wa Wales ni kara ga Igirisu sunde imasu"
monojohnny, Jun 29 2006

       [correction: Dwy'n *byw* yn Lloegr. I can't even remember how to speak Welsh obviously ;-) ]
monojohnny, Jun 29 2006

       We have an international language already - English. That's the problem - we should fragment, not homogenise.
wagster, Jun 29 2006

       I'm learning how to speak chicken.
xenzag, Jun 29 2006

       Bwaak bwaak bkaaak?
wagster, Jun 29 2006

       [Inyuki], though my welsh is pretty rubbish, I can understand that //Dwy'n dod o Cymru, ond dwy'n bwy yn Lloegr// means "I come from Wales, but live in England".
By the by, I recognise yuki as the word for snow (Or courage) - does it mean something different as part of the word Inyuki?
fridge duck, Jun 29 2006

       ///Bwaak bwaak bkaaak?// - how rude ! Just as well my shoulder hamster only reads crow as his second language.
xenzag, Jun 29 2006

       Well, yes, English is obviously used almost everywhere.   

       However, for example, one of the reasons why I also want to learn also Chinese language, is that I have heard some information about the estimations of reading speeds of people speaking different languages.   

       There was some experiment done using a newspaper written both in Russian (alphabetical) and Chinese (hieroglyphic) languages. It apeared that the readers could read the same information about 6 times faster in Chinese than in Russian.   

       One of the reasons I could think of is that the visual thinking is much faster than the audial (actually English speed reading techniques are also based on visual performance of our brain).   

       However, in the areas, where the alphabetical languages are used, children learn to recognize not the visual, but the audial information because the language is written in phonetic, not hieroglyphic symbols. This custom to interpret symbols phonetically may be very strong. Actually, I see learning Chinese without learning the pronunciation at all, to be a good method to start thinking more visual.   

       So, what I want to say here, is that I think that other languages like Chinese has enough advantages to benefit from. The best would be creating (or advancing) some of the languages to the level that it had the advantages of all the human languages.
Inyuki, Jun 29 2006

       Love it!   

       For years, I've been duct taping a carpet tacks to my fingertips to convey pain. My dentist likes the keyboard idea much more.
reensure, Jun 29 2006


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