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Keyboard Command Harmonizing Software

Because th same commands in similar software, from different manufactuers do different things
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So, I'm working with a whole bunch of programs in order to write a paper. Adobe Illustrator, Canvas, MS Office, Origin and a few more. Now, I like keyboard commands. However, multiple selections is Ctrl+ clicks in MS Office, but Shift+ clicks in another program. This is not too bad, but it's Alt+ clicks in a third program. Similarly, scroll-to- zoom is handled differently in all of the programs.

So, take a small program that identifies the active window, and the program running in it, and use it to translate the key commands for common functions.

I'm sure that I COULD go into all the programs and change them, but I may die before that works its way to the top of my to-do list.

I googled "Keyboard shortcut manager", none seem to offer this functionality, however, I'm happy to be educated.

bs0u0155, Dec 09 2013

Keyboard harmonizing ([+]) http://www.youtube....watch?v=vrDh0OFDCAk
[pashute, Dec 09 2013]

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       [+] One additional benefit to this would be that you could save your configuration separately. In some cases I have gone to the bother of changing keyboard shortcuts in a program, but when I upgrade the computer and reinstall or upgrade the software, it seems like this I always have to manually reconfigure it.   

       It might be nice to make the configurations portable. When the shortcut manager detected a thumb drive with a specific file name, it could ask if you'd like to temporarily remap your keyboard. As soon as the thumb drive was removed it could revert. Also, it should be pretty small executable, so the executable might be launchable from the thumb drive for computers that don't have it installed already. Though preventing this from becoming a virus carrier would need to be considered.
scad mientist, Dec 09 2013

       It turns out that clipboard managers (newly enhancing my life thanks to 21 quest) can migrate their contents over a network across multiple computers. I see no reason that this couldn't be implemented with the shortcut system.   

       In fact, a keyboard-mapping and clipboard manager would be part of a whole customization system that could migrate from computer to computer. You log in to a new computer and your cloud storage, keyboard settings, sound profiles, whatever, are migrated.
bs0u0155, Dec 09 2013

       Basically like a subset of the Roaming Profiles feature of Windows, but over the internet rather than just the corporate network...
scad mientist, Dec 09 2013

       Protip: just use emacs for everything
sninctown, Dec 09 2013


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