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Microsoft "Tangent" Button

Why always "next"????
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An addition to Microsoft's infuriating wizard setup procedure: instead of just having "next" and "back" buttons" how about one that allows the use to dive out of the process on a random tangent? How often have you ploughed your way through a Microsoft "easy set-up" wizard, angry that you have been limited to binary decisions? How often have you been given a list of choices from which you want none? A simple "Extra choices please" button is needed, which returns some random actions that may or may not be of any help. Other alternatives could be a "maybe" button, or a "not sure, but what the hell!" button, or a "why are you asking me this?" button.

At least at the end of this process, if it didn't work, you'd know why and only have yourself to blame, instead of spending most of your day cursing Bill.

mcscotland, Apr 03 2001

(?) Or throw in a copy of this. http://www.halfbake...nterprise_20Edition
[jutta, Apr 03 2001]


       Huh? This is the criterion for "baked"? "You could buy a company and do it?" Have you been taking lessons from the PeterSealy school of Fine Distinction?   

       The "Go off on a tangent" button is sometimes spelled "Custom" or "Advanced".   

       The "Why are you asking me this?" button is spelled "Help" or "F1", but I've never actually seen anything in there that was of any help, either.
jutta, Apr 03 2001

       So, using the above guidelines supplied by jutta and waug, you could probably hack your system somehow and replace the necessary text with the more appropriate phrases. This could probably be done on a Mac with ResEdit; I'm not sure what you would use on Windows or other OSes.
PotatoStew, Apr 03 2001

       It's simple to press CTRL-ALT-DELETE and terminate the wizard with extreme prejudice, with all the random nasty consequences you could dream of. There is a reason why wizards are named after practitioners of the black arts who turned people into frogs and ate their babies (or married Debbie McGee).
kropotkin, Mar 09 2004

       //There is a reason why wizards are named after practitioners of the black arts who turned people into frogs and ate their babies (or married Debbie McGee).//   

       I thought it was because "Set of Forms That Are Supposed To Make Setup Easier By Limiting The Decisions You Have To Make But Instead Prevents You From Doing What You Need To Do Because Our Shortsighted Designers Didn't Think You'd Need To Do That" wouldn't fit in the title bar.
GenYus, Mar 09 2004


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