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Keyboard Operated Pen

Move the point of this pen across the paper while pressing buttons.
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This pen is held by the thumb index and middle fingers like a regualr pen. But instead of using those fingers to manipulate then pen as usual, those fingers press three columns of nine keys that when pressed cause the pen to move in the shape of the desired letter.

The three fingers can be practiced to do this, or they can simply rotate the pen so that the thumb can do all the pressing. The trick to using this pen is located in the instruction manual which advises to user not to resist the pen's servo meachnism or else it will not work. The intention is that the users will operate it somewhat unconsciously like a Ouija Board after paying high prices for it, intending to gain prestige by impressing their friends, and also in denial of the implication that they may be stupid if they cannot operate the pen like everyone else who is prentending.

After the first thousand or so novelty versions are sold, revenues can be utilized to produce a working version, or else a version that also hurls insults at the user for holding it too tightly and not complying and conforming to its vibrations.

rcarty, Jan 13 2010


       interesting idea, difficult to learn. I have enough trouble pressing tiny buttons on my cell phone.
dentworth, Jan 15 2010


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