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KickStart Your Taxes

Governmental budgets run through public via Kickstarter-like service
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Are't you tired of governments spending all your money on stuff, that you don't want it spent on ? or that you ethically don't think it should be spent on ?

Well here is the perfect solution.... Politicians do not automatically get any of your taxes... they have to run kickstarter campaigns to fund the projects they want to do. It means individual people get to spend exactly on what they think is worthy, and you know your dollar is never spent on anything you disagree with. You still have to spend your total yearly tax budget, but you get to decide on what (mostly)

e.g. Politician A:- We need to go to war ... like it... pledge your cash... don't agree.... pledge your cash to space exploration instead...

It would put the power into the public's hands, and politicians would have to do what they say and be accountable. Worthless ideas, would get a worthless amount of cash allocated or fail to be funded.

There would need to be some kind of minimum compulsory amount that went into essential services and salaries etc... or go more extreme, and jobs and salaries funded in the same way, so worthless politicians would also not get paid.

Potential issues:- people don't put cash into boring but essential funding projects, and go for the glitzy exciting ones. Solution is having part of taxes work the old way... or just letting things deteriorate, until they realize oh wait, I really should have put cash into the sewer repair fund.

cthulhuJon, Feb 26 2014

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       Welcome to the Halfbakery, chthulhuJon.   

       Crowdfunding is a "relatively" new phenomenon, but I don't think that voting for how taxes are spent is necessarily a new idea. You can rest assured every single spending program has a constituency that would vote for it, and the most problematic ones, budget wise, anyway (e.g. Social Security, Medicare) , have the most support, hence they do not get reformed.
theircompetitor, Feb 26 2014

       I liked that, right up to the clause about a minimum compulsory limit for 'essential services'. Government would very quickly rack up a large list of items deemed 'essential services', to the point that there would be no surplus to allocate yourself.
Freefall, Feb 26 2014

       This proposal suffers from the same problem that all popular direct-vote tax initiatives do, the important but obscure nooks and crannies of government that don't get the limelight but are necessary to maintain order and function in any society. Which I guess you mentioned in your bottom paragraph, so carry on.
RayfordSteele, Feb 27 2014

       Hah, seems like no one like the minimum necessary essential idea.... agreed too much potential for hidden fees, maybe I should just nix that part, and stick with the original concept, let people decide where their money gets spent.
cthulhuJon, Feb 27 2014

       Well one unique aspect of this idea is that if it really does work like Kickstarter, if you don't get people to fund your project below some minimum level then you don't get any money at all. That might make the politicians set their budgets very carefully. If they ask for too much they get cut entirely. If they ask for too little, people will probably stop funding them once the goal is met.   

       Don't get me wrong. I certainly wouldn't want to see this implemented, but interesting half-baked idea. [+]
scad mientist, Feb 28 2014

       Maybe some unemployed journalists or university student group could bother mirroring the current budgetary items into kickstarter just to see what would happen. Of course, the project data would quickly become corrupted by its own popularity.   

       Maybe we divide government into two areas, the necessary but unpopular bits in one, and the Kickstarter-worthy bits in another.
RayfordSteele, Mar 03 2014


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