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Income tax cat guitar stickers

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A series of stickers illustrated with cats, that you affix to the neck of your guitar according to the handy chart (included). Follow the instructions to play the appropriate chords depending on your income and investments, and the stickers will indicate the correct amount of your tax payment or refund owing.
tatterdemalion, Mar 21 2012

Split tally in England, about halfway down..... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tally_stick
..but no cat stickers probably.. [not_morrison_rm, Mar 21 2012]


       Knew I'd seen something similar i.e. keeping tabs of taxes with a the aid of wood - split tally stick tax system UK - "King Henry I initiated the tally stick system in or around 1100 in medieval England. He would only accept the tally stick for taxes........ the tally stick system was eventually abolished in 1826..."   

       Whether or not they were due to be incorporated into some kind of Babbage engine, so making the world's first, and last, wooden database, we will never know..   

not_morrison_rm, Mar 21 2012

       I purchased a fine set of cat stickers from [8th of 7] not that long ago, coincidentally.   

       Splendid craftsborgship in the razor-sharp stainless steel pointy bit, and the fine bone-inlaid handles.   

       Truly, the right tools make any task a pleasure.
BunsenHoneydew, Apr 07 2012


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