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Kirby Blower System

Electric blower system (KBS)
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I thought of this several years ago but have never had the guts to try it.

You'll need a power inverter, probably a high amp alternator, a switch connected to your throttle so that it will only activate at full throttle and of course......A Kirby vacuum.

Install the inverter and switch, strip the Kirby including the handle and wheels, mount the Kirby on almost any current port fuel injection engines' intake tubing. Make sure you have some way of regulating the amount of pressure from the vacuum. I envision cutting a square hole in the intake tubing and placing some type of butterfly or sliding device to close the opening for more pressure. You'll need to get on a dyno and play with it to get it just right. And the best part is that when you go camping, you can use the built in extension cord on the Kirby to power common household devices!

maxcottrell, Aug 05 2003

(?) Power supplimented by Kirby http://www.probepar...00000054&g=00000003
[Letsbuildafort, Oct 04 2004]


       the power to drive it would outway the extra power provided
bmwr75r, Aug 29 2003

       I really hope you're joking. Kirby's make crappy vacuums and even crappier blowers. There is no possible way a vacuum (especially a kirby) could flow enough air to create a positive boost. What you'd be creating is a huge mess. You have to run an inverter, and a huge ugly-ass steel vacuum cleaner under the hood. If you want to make an ass out of youself, put a glass pack on the ass end of your Daewoo and call it good.
40fordsedan, Jan 06 2004

       My highschool friend's brother did this using a dairy blower (it's already 12vdc) and some duct tape. I never got a ride but was told it only provided a modest boost. But hey for $3 worth of hardware...
WhiteWiz, Mar 01 2004


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