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Kirlian laser photography

From a distance
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I don't really understand how kirlian photography works or what it is good for but I like it. So I thought that with what they can do with lasers today it might be possible to make a camera that takes kirlian pictures from a distance. From people, animals, everything. It would bombard the subject with the right kind of laser and frequency and a kirlian photo is taken. The subject may not even be aware. Maybe we can learn new things about nature, tell when someone is lying or if they have a disease or something.
zeno, Jul 03 2012

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       Erm, I think the subject needs to be in a high-voltage environment to take Kirlian photos, so not entirely sure that a laser would be an adequate substitute....
not_morrison_rm, Jul 03 2012

       When a picture of me was taken I had my hands on metal plates, didn't feel a thing. So maybe a small current is enough and such could be made or faked by lasers to give the effect.
zeno, Jul 03 2012

       You are getting closer [zeno] but are never going to quite get there. Such is your paradox.
AusCan531, Jul 03 2012


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