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Musical Photo Booth

Genuine smiles guaranteed.
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It's impossible to perform a genuine smile when you're on your own in a photo booth. Though passport photographs must feature an inert, almost suicidal expression, in other circumstances, smiles are not verboten. But trying to muster a smile when you're sitting in such a grim, pokey, dirty little box is near impossible. The best I can manage is the type of the dead-eyed grimace seen only on psychopaths and accountants.

Music, though, can make people smile genuinely. Each Musical Photo Booth features a searchable list of feel-happy tunes, grouped by artist and by smile-level (from the "Almost Imperceptible Wry Smile" of Kraftwerk to the "Full Blown Idiot Grin" of Stevie Wonder). Simply enter your coins, select a track, listen and smile.

Externally fitted headphones allow the customer to continue listening to selected tracks while they wait for their photographs to develop.

calum, Oct 21 2002

Schadenfreude for DrCurry http://www.isthisyou.co.uk/thumb.html
[calum, Oct 25 2002]

Reasons To Be Cheerful http://www.letssing...eerful-zxslkpc.html
by Ian Drury and The Blockheads [calum, Oct 25 2002]


       Or your favourite comedian..push your smile to a contorted grin.
skinflaps, Oct 21 2002

hollajam, Oct 21 2002

       No thanks just eaten.
skinflaps, Oct 22 2002

       Or just post the previous person's photos - that should get a laugh.
DrCurry, Oct 22 2002

       lovely - Curry. I was thinking a joke booth, too.
po, Oct 22 2002

       //The best I can manage is the type of the dead-eyed grimace seen only on ... accountants.

Almost as frightening as a smiling lawyer...
namaste, Oct 22 2002

       Oh, Calum doesn't smile. He smirks. And sometimes sneers. And occasionaly scoffs. But he certainly doesn't smile.
salachair, Oct 22 2002

       A scoff is just a smirk turned upside down, Miss salachair.
blissmiss, Oct 22 2002

       That's a very good point, Madame Blismiss. But upside down or not, it's still schnidey. Tsk, that's lawyers for ya!
salachair, Oct 22 2002

       I thought it was a sneeze/cough combo!?   

       Great idea calum... 2 points however:
i) What if the wrong tune comes on - photos of quizzical people.
ii)I'll end up with photos of me doing Air-guitar if any rock music comes on.
Jinbish, Oct 22 2002

       Isn't that a snough?
namaste, Oct 22 2002

       Its not very nice in any case.
Jinbish, Oct 22 2002

       Thank you to both salachair and Jinbish for choosing to malign my "unconventionally ugly" face from their ivory towers of pulchritude. I will not lower myself to their elevated positions.   

       Originally, this was to be called the "Ian Drury Reasons To Be Cheerful Memorial Photo Me Booth" but I decided against this for two reasons:
a) Ten words is plenty too much too many for any idea title;
b) I am sure that there are curmudgeonly souls out there who find Drury's music objectionable, hence the variety of tunes and user selection of said tunes <looks pointedly at Jinbish>.
calum, Oct 22 2002

       Pulchritude? May I have a definition por favor. If not, I am gonna assign it a meaning myself. I must. I need it.
blissmiss, Oct 22 2002

       "pulcher" is Latin for beautiful as far as I remember. "-itude" tends to be used to indicate large scale. So I'm guessing this means something like "very beautiful" or something.
namaste, Oct 22 2002

       namaste is right:   

       pulchritude n. Great physical beauty and appeal.
calum, Oct 22 2002

       That said, if someone were to call me very "Pulchy" it's good?
blissmiss, Oct 22 2002

       Only if they're Latin.
calum, Oct 22 2002

| : ( | : p | ; {} | : D |
thumbwax, Oct 23 2002

       or if you wanted a sexy photo, a pheremone mister could be installed. i look stoned when i smile in photos, so i'd choose sexy over stoned any day...   

       pulchritudinous is the adjective, but i think pulchrous is more smoothly spoken, but who am i to argue with etymology?
goostas, Oct 23 2002

       thumbwax, I see that you have a photo strip there and the subject is photographed in various expressions. I also see/ hear that you have some music going in b#. What is it you're listening to?
hollajam, Oct 23 2002

       Riddle solution: b# = flat sharp / be sharp.
thumbwax, Oct 23 2002

       I find that some illegal chemical compounds make me smile!
Mayfly, Oct 25 2002


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