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Kitchen Speed Bumps

The highest traffic area in the house needs controlling
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You know the feeling, you go to the fridge for a lite soda, you start thinking about something else and before you know it your arms are carrying twenty pounds of food over to the table.

You know the feeling, you go over to the fridge for a lite soda, you start thinking about something else and then you notice that it looks like somebody stole twenty pounds of food while you were gone.

Do you find yourself going through the kitchen too often just looking for this robber? Only way to slow down all these goings on in the kitchen is to install speed bumps. Establish a three foot grid on the ceiling and place hooks at the intersections. Hang ten pound rubber hammers from these hooks at forehead level and you'll change that thoughtless person's mind.

mensmaximus, Dec 25 2004


       Do I detect some roommates?
normzone, Dec 28 2004

       Was a [-] until we got to the novel implementation of the 'speedbump' concept.
wagster, Dec 28 2004

       I'm confused. How do you fill them with custard again?
gnomethang, Dec 29 2004


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