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Kitchen Water Faucet for the Bathroom

No more trips to the kitchen for that midnight drink
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My invention idea adds an additional faucet to the bathroom whose water supply is sourced from the plumbing that supplies water to the kitchen rather than the plumbing that supplies water to the bathroom.

This solves a common problem where a spouse will ask another spouse to fetch a drink for them in the middle of the night but admonishes that the drink mustn't be "bathroom water" despite the fact that the water is from the exact same source.

gen1000, Oct 17 2009

Are You a Drinking Water Purist? http://bibleoutlines.com/blog/?p=516
An explanation of the problem this idea seeks to solve. [gen1000, Oct 17 2009]

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       I was about to welcome gen1000 to the HB, but I see you've been here for.....eight years! Welcome nevertheless.   

       I have to say, I'm not bowled over by this idea. [WcW]: often (at least in older houses in many countries), much of the house is fed from a header-tank in the loft, which is not necessarily clean; often only the kitchen tap is fed direct from the mains.   

       However, most modern houses now take all cold water direct from the mains, and hence it's drinkable. There's no need for an "extra" tap in the bathroom - the existing cold tap is just fed from the main instead of from the header tank.   

       [EDIT: Ah, I see from your link that this is a psychology thing. Aha. Yes. Well, in that case, I think the answer is tell your spouse to stop being stupid or get their own damned glass of water.]
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 17 2009

       I like it, though I wouldn't be fooled, not now at least.
blissmiss, Oct 17 2009

       issa letsall, but I like the idea of a water-fountain, not only in the bathroom, but in the kitchen as well.
FlyingToaster, Oct 17 2009

       "Why not just put a Brita filter on the bathroom faucet?"   

       Were this the "practicalbakery" I'd agree.
gen1000, Oct 18 2009

       so what is different about your bathroom tap? if you brought a pipe from the kitchen why not simply make that the cold water supply, why retain the "bad water" supply?
WcW, Oct 18 2009

       Bathroom or Bedroom ?
wjt, Oct 18 2009

       Oh no, not more Dr. Seuss ....   

       Why not have a small water tap in the bedroom, then ? It could be run through very small bore plastic pipe, which is no more difficult to install than electric cable, since a high flow rate will not be needed.
8th of 7, Oct 18 2009


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