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Klein Bottle Saxophone

A huge improvement
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A saxophone created using the single-surface geometry of a Klein bottle.
8th of 7, Dec 01 2013

Möbius harp M_f6bius_20harp
[pocmloc, Dec 01 2013]

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       This would permit only the playing of very short pieces, until internal pressure was higher than that attainable by the performer.   

       Now, if you'd suggested Klein Bottle Bagpipes...
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 01 2013

       Your link does not woik [pocmloc].   

       You've just made the perfect instrument more perfect. Bun   

       {Considers accompanying with Klein tube drums with Non-Euclidean plane heads. Plays Take 5i+2.66...}
Dub, Dec 01 2013

       Hmmm usually I just paste the idea name into the "destination" and it magically links. Anyway try now.
pocmloc, Dec 01 2013

       Not a single mention of explosives, or quadrupeds of the family Felidae...suspicious,   

       Drops one [+] into that chipped, enamel mug in the tube station...
not_morrison_rm, Dec 03 2013

       What's this? It won't go in! Damn Klein mugs!
pocmloc, Dec 03 2013


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