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Möbius harp

one soundbox, with the strings stretched beetween it.
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The soundbox of this harp is a long thin wooden torus, formed into a figure 8 and folded back on itself.

Then a series of strings can be stretched between adjacent sections of the box, so that their plane forms a Möbius strip.

Classified as a harp not a zither because the strings are perpendicular to the wooden surface they attach to, not parallel. And because attaching both ends of a string to the same soundboard on a zither is trivial.

You could reinforce this thing with struts and braces but I would prefer the soundbox to be self-supporting.

Not sure where the tuning keys would fit...

pocmloc, Apr 02 2011

(?) Möbius planetary gears http://robotics.eec...hoover/Moebius.html
Just found this - if you replace the blue and white gears with strings, this kind of shows the geometry of my instrument. [pocmloc, Apr 02 2011, last modified Apr 03 2011]

Drawing https://picasaweb.g...vtA?feat=directlink
Top view, side view, front view. [pocmloc, Apr 04 2011]

Chorus or Sambuca http://books.google...epage&q=sam&f=false
A Renaissance fantasy biblical wind instrument, could be the basis of a Klein bottle horn? [pocmloc, Apr 05 2011]


       Love it! I wonder whether the standing wave in a Möbius shaped soundbox would form a deeper resonance than one in an equally sized non-Möbius shaped volume?
zen_tom, Apr 02 2011

       Well, [zt], unless I am misremembering youthful experiments with paper, tape and scissors, the soundbox of this device would not be a Möbius strip, it would be a double length strip / rod with two twists. i.e. if in cross section we make it D section, with the flat part of the D the soundbox and the curved part the laminated back, then it would just twist twice as it curled around?
pocmloc, Apr 02 2011

       If we can figure out how to turn a Klein Bottle into some kind of wind intsrument, we'll have the makings of a pretty decent quantum band...
Alterother, Apr 04 2011

       sphericon harp
JesusHChrist, Apr 04 2011

       The Klein bottle could be an ocarina, but only if the ‘mouthpiece’ were constricted enough to blow into - taking away some of its Kleininess.   

       The sphericon could be made of sheet metal and with a small pebble inside, as a kind of rattling bell.
pocmloc, Apr 04 2011

       Love the sketch.
Klein-Kazoo [Alterother]?


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