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Knife-style pocket-clip for pens

They always get bent outward, and it's very hard to bend them back...
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One problem I have with pens is that the metal clip always somehow manages to get bent outwards, and the plastic ones get broken. This is because I usually keep my pens clipped to the inside of my pants pocket for easy reach ( I don't usually wear shirts with breast pockets). I'm not sure if I'm unwittingly pulling it out at a bad angle, or if it gets bent when I sit, my chair forcing to go in a direction the clip doesn't want to allow it to go, but it never fails: if I clip a pen in my pocket, the clip's getting bent or broken.

This is because the clips on pens are intended for use in shirt-pockets, where they encounter almost no physical stress. To carry it in the pocket, it needs something a little more rugged.

I also carry a folding knife (a Gerber Firestorm, specifically, to name one of many), with a clip to keep it in easy reach at the top of my pocket. I've carried lots of knives clipped in my pocket, and I've noticed that not one knife clip has ever been bent. They're *intended* to be carried in the pocket (or clipped inside the top of a boot, but I have no need for a *concealed* pen...yet).

My idea is to put the same kind of clip that Gerber folding knives have, on pens. I'm providing a link so you can see the kind of clip I'm talking about.

21 Quest, Oct 18 2006

Gerber Firestorm (one of many knives I've carried throughout the years) http://www.gerberst...ge=itempage&xid=616
You'll see the same kind of clip on most folding knives [21 Quest, Oct 18 2006]


       A penknife doesn't actually write. It's just another name for a pocket knife ( like the Swiss Army Knife), and I've not seen one with a pocket clip. The kind I'm referring to (like the Firestorm) is called a claspknife.

       Thanks, Wikipedia.

       (edit) this anno was in response to an anno that read

       " a penknife?" I guess the poster deleted it.
21 Quest, Oct 18 2006

       Oh... sorry, I admit I've never been the sharpest spoon in the box (but I think I've seen it on this sight). That went right over my head.
21 Quest, Oct 18 2006

       I'm hurt on so many different levels.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 19 2006

       <proffers a spoonful of sugar>
po, Oct 19 2006

webfishrune, Oct 19 2006

       thanks po, that's sweet. <sniff> ;)
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 19 2006


       It's that *other* white powder you <sniff>, not sugar!
zen_tom, Oct 19 2006

       This isn't WIBNI. The idea is for a pen designed to ride in the pocket. I don't like current pocket pens because I have to reach into the bottom of the bocket to retrieve it, trying not to remove eevrything else in the pocket along with it. Also, having a tubular writing implement in the pocket unclipped can cause unsightly bulges that can be misleading in social situations.
21 Quest, Oct 19 2006


       I disagree. The way I see it is:

       "Wouldn't it be nice if pens hand stronger or more robust clips attached to them."

       Just my humble opinion of course ;-)
webfishrune, Oct 19 2006

       I can understand your reasoning, web. However, my thought on the subject of WIBNI is that a great many ideas that get posted here could be given that label.

       Take, for instance, the in-dash displays (there are a lot of those here) that relay traffic info could be seen as "wouldn't it be nice if a car had these things?"

       I prefer to be very careful with WIBNI, because it seems to be an all-inclusive label ( I really don't think it should a [mfd] category). I don't see my idea here as a WIBNI because I supplied a solution to my dilemma, using the stronger clips found on many knives.

       But hey, no offense taken to differing thought patterns. As they say, to each his own :-)
21 Quest, Oct 19 2006

       I also clip a gerber to my pocket, but never a pen for the same reason as yourself. What if it was just a steel tube that held just about any pen, clipped to your pocket and was not misleading in social situations?
Chefboyrbored, Oct 19 2006

       Hm.... that could work. Bake it and I'd vote for it, Chef.
21 Quest, Oct 19 2006

       Would the clip end up being wider than the pen and if so would that affect the ability to hold the pen comfortably?
oneoffdave, Oct 20 2006

       Excellent question, Dave. Actually, the pen I use most frequently is a "Pilot Dr. Grip Gel" and the clip on the Firestorm is the same width as that pen. Because I grip the pen on the rubberized grip above the nib (is that the right word?), the new clip wouldn't interfere with my grip at all.
21 Quest, Oct 20 2006


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