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Homing Pen

Ballpoint w/ built in GPS
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Since I have never used a ballpoint pen from its "virginal state" until "its ink has run dry." I've often wondered what becomes of them after they leave me. A GPS that downloads its position to the web would assist me in my research as pen recovery is not my aim.

I do believe in pen ownership, but much like umbrellas I have never bought any, but seem to always find one I can borrow for a time.

Monty6, Nov 14 2007


       //seem to always find one //   

       So it was *you*!   

       {searches out receipts from office supplies shop before calling lawyer}
pertinax, Nov 14 2007

       This reminds me of a scene from "Real Men". To quote a review by Richard Scheib:   

       One of the funniest scenes in the film is the one where James Belushi shows Ritter a pen he claims was given to him by the aliens, which has the inscription “To Nick from your friends far away”; Ritter remains wholly unimpressed but then Belushi hammers it through a baseball and we watch as it sprouts antennae, rotates with coloured lights and then zips off to the stars. It’s a very funny scene where the joke is on us for disbelieving Belushi’s patently absurd story about aliens and preposterously obvious attempts to con Ritter.
xaviergisz, Nov 14 2007

       True, a huge cost increase over the traditional pen on a chain that you find at banks.
Monty6, Nov 22 2007


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