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Krylon, Kryloff

Undo button for tag artists
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Double can construction includes one can of aerosol paint and one can of aerosol thinner in a convenient, easy to carry and easy to conceal package.

Like other undo buttons, you only have a limited time before changes are permanent.. Krylon claims about 10 minutes.

I know, Kryloff is a company..

Mr Burns, Aug 16 2002

Highly Bake-able http://www.unichemint.com/demo/1003.htm
Tape it to your regular can, or magic marker, and away you go. Highly flammable, too, by the look of it. [DrCurry, Aug 22 2002]


       uuhhhp......daaahhhhn......uuhhhp....daaahhhn.. paint de fence
Mr Burns, Aug 16 2002

       if they worked in water colours, it would make life easier for everyone.
po, Aug 16 2002

       This isn't an undo button, it's an undo can. Duh. But the name is so kewl.
polartomato, Aug 17 2002

       PT: There's a button on the top of the can, no?
Mr Burns, Aug 19 2002

       One bonsai-trimmed croissant...   

       Always look eye...
RayfordSteele, Aug 22 2002

       aerosol is soooo 1900.
ImBack, Aug 22 2002

       My Lexmark has a hard time printing on brick walls. What do you want me to do about it?
Mr Burns, Aug 22 2002


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