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mold based graffiti

a temporary graffiti display
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Too may graffiti artists are distroying a bland wall or two with colorful and fanciful figures and poetry. The problem is that the art work is immediately observable by everyone. Moreover, the display is permant or hard to remove afterwards by unhappy wall-owners and public who must view the artwork for an indefininate amount of time.

To protect the innocent wall owners and the public of these objectionable and often illegal art-work displays however creative, what is proposed here is a publicly funded search for a variety of mold growth mediums which a street artist could use instead of the commonly used oil based spray paints.

The particular growth enhancement paint could be adjusted for different species of microorganisms according to the color displayed so that days, weeks or months after application, the artwork can finally be enjoyed but then after a while disappear when the mold growth medium exhausts to avoid the necessary expenses to the owners of the wall and the needless permanent display to the innocent public.

el dueno

el dueno, May 22 2008

Say it with flowers http://news.bbc.co..../uk_news/313429.stm
Aha, it was a true story [imaginality, May 22 2008]

Not_20IQ_2c_20FlyQ say it with flies [xenzag, May 23 2008]


       Reminds me of the, admittedly possibly apocryphal tale [edit - no, true story] I heard about a couple of youngsters sentenced to do community service planting flower bulbs by a roadside.   

       Come springtime, the council discovered the guys in question had planted the bulbs in a not-so-random pattern, with the flowers brightly and colourfully spelling out various rude words.   

       A spokesman for the council was quoted as saying that it was a 'blooming cheeky' thing to do, or so I'd like to think.
imaginality, May 22 2008

       A washing-up liquid bottle filled with a strong solution of Paraquat can be used to write messages in a grassy bank in public view. The message takes a few days to fully develop, and a few weeks to fade again.   

       A couple of battens or poles help to keep the spacing and character size consistent, since you're writing in "invisible ink". Especially important if doing this at night.
8th of 7, May 22 2008

       Could this be extended to other towns in Flintshire?
coprocephalous, May 22 2008

       Doubtful - in most of Flintshire they can barely read, and certainly can't write.
8th of 7, May 22 2008

       Yoghurt works well.
simonj, May 23 2008

       Please, [simonj] there's no need to tell the whole world about your personal problems.
8th of 7, May 23 2008


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