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Kung Flu

A new martial art involving strategic vomiting
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mrthingy, Mar 14 2001

(?) Bushusuru http://www.farid-ha...n/ge-bushusuru.html
[jutta, Mar 14 2001, last modified Feb 16 2008]

(?) Current link re the above http://bbb.typepad....ushuru_bushutu.html
[normzone, Jul 01 2007]


       I have seen serious advice from more than one source that suggests vomiting as a potentially effective and relatively low-risk countermeasure against mugging. So I guess the idea is baked. And if anyone has tried it, it is baked and eaten. And if that person would care to tell us about the experience...
beauxeault, Mar 14 2001

       One word: Bushusuru. (See link.)   

       I also submit as a more appetizing version of all this the milkshake self-defense technique pioneered by Penn Jillette in "Penn and Teller's How to Play with Your Food".
jutta, Mar 14 2001

       Hijo de Vaca! If You are privileged enough to gain the knowledge of true Kung Fu you will never need this. Either you loose a small amount of your savings or you defeat a lessor adversory.   

       Most muggers during the mugging only want a few things: a payoff for thier risk and not to be arrested. How desperate they are determines your course of action.   

       If you see both hands free feel free to use the true black arts of Kung Fu. (Seriously, Poke their eyes, kick thier nads, grab and crush thier windpipe, many many other options, just DO NOT MISS!) If one hand is continuously concealed, it's best to negotiate the best you can for a settlement agreeable to both parties.   

       I.E.: I'll give you everything, but please let me keep my license, etc.   

       This has worked for me before.
Zimmy, Jun 01 2003

       //A new martial art involving strategic vomiting//   

       In South-East Asia, or Canada, just cough and complain of fever.   

       //it's best to negotiate the best you can for a settlement agreeable to both parties//   

       Personally, I just avoid situations where I put myself at risk and carry a mugging wallet (loose credit cards and licence are in a separate buttoned pocket) so I don't have to think twice or negotiate.   

       I guess he doesn't want to hang around an negotiate either. So I hope he takes enough time to ask me for my wallet and doesn't just club me unconscious from the get-go.
FloridaManatee, Jun 01 2003

       <If You are privileged enough to gain the knowledge of true Kung Fu you will never need this.> But if you're not, you might.
mrthingy, Jun 02 2003

       Good to see you around again, [crash], please say hello to your dad for me.
normzone, Jul 01 2007

       I've seen this on Jackie Chan's drunken fighting video.
quantum_flux, Jul 02 2007


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