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LCD Sunvisor

Custom made black spots to block the sun
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The present swing out sunvisor doesn't quite cut it. All I need is a black, round spot - well, two, to be accurate - to stop direct sunlight reaching my eyes.

Take an old laptop apart. One with a monochrome Liquid Crystal display will do. Mount the screen part as the sunvisor. A tiny video camera is mounted atop the driver's head. The image from that camera is processed and if the sun (or headlights, or whatever) is shining through the LCD visor the appropriate area of the display is darkened. An appropriate zoom, frame, clip and inversion of the raw video will do the trick.

neelandan, Jun 05 2002

Touchscreen Reflection Dampener http://www.halfbake...flection_20Dampener
[phoenix, Jun 05 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Dynamic Eye LCD sunglasses http://www.engadget...-you/#disqus_thread
The concept is simple: each lens is an LCD that creates a dark box over the sun, blotting out the biggest source of glare and allowing the rest of the glasses to remain rather less tinted. [xaviergisz, Dec 16 2010]


       Why block them out totally? You could just reduce the brightness. Stare into the sun, worry free.
yamahito, Jun 05 2002

       Nice, I'm gonna make myself a pair of sunglasses out of two mobile phones.
FarmerJohn, Jun 05 2002

       <old codger>Way back, I posted this idea as an annotation to "Polarized windshields and headlights" (i.e. using an addressable LCD in a windscreen to black out the sun and oncoming headlights), an idea which probably got deleted in one of the recent "Nobody likes me so I'm going to delete all my ideas and *then* you'll be sorry!" episodes</old codger>
hippo, Jun 05 2002

       Back in my days as a sunvisor engineer we thought about some cheap equivalent to this, ala poloroid film. Couldn't make it work with some of the constraints we had to work with. LCD would be too expensive for an OEM, but might work as an aftermarket product. Crash safety might be a problem.
RayfordSteele, Jun 06 2002

       Actually, I deleted 'Polarized headlights and windshields' because it had been baked, and seemed no longer necessary.
StarChaser, Jun 07 2002

       [SC] oops!
hippo, Jun 07 2002

       Hi hippo! I can see you through my Cathode visor!
thumbwax, Jun 09 2002

       FJ: Bright. If you mount the camera at the bridge of the glasses, the video could be used after a clip and inversion. The mobile phone LCD seems to be of the right size.   

       Yama: The dark LCD is not really black. It's crossed polaroids and being imperfect they will let through some light.   

       SC: Never saw it, perhaps bakedness should not be a reason for deletion. I mean, you shouldn't have.
neelandan, Jun 11 2002

       At the time, Jutta was having problems with lack of space on the drive, and I felt that it wasn't worth taking up the space in a crisis.
StarChaser, Jun 12 2002


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