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LCD lie detecting glasses

The beauty of "clarity" in clear-on/ prism-off LCD glasses that 'colorfully' alerts to the presence of "Wolves In Sheeps' Clothing"
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Conventional audio processing lie-detector technology is incorporated into the ear pieces of seemingly ordinary glasses. The processor detects variances in speech stress and recieves your companies voice thru a mic imbedded in the temple . At the touch of your remote, if detection of the parameters associated with deception are detected, the processor signals the LCD lenses to "blink" off, causing a slight "halo" prismatic effect to be viewed thru the glasses and alerting viewer.

Inspired by dislike for scent of singed wolf tails

hollajam, Oct 05 2002

Infra-red lie detection http://news.bbc.co....ci/tech/1739413.stm
Maybe if the glasses can "see" into the non-visual spectrum a bit . . . . [bristolz, Oct 05 2002]

BBC News: A brief history of lying http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/1740746.stm
A follow up to the infra-red lie detection technology announcement. [bristolz, Oct 05 2002]

Euphemism Interpretion of a bristophemism http://www.bankrate...sting/20010316a.asp
Just the first 4 lines bear relevance to the color invisioned. [hollajam, Oct 06 2002]

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       <lighthearted> Thanks Bristol.   

       <meloncholoy>By your links added, I fear you may have failed to "see with clarity" the beauty of 'these' glasses.</meloncholoy>
hollajam, Oct 05 2002

       My links are not indicators of my interpretation of the idea. Just links to possibly related things.
bristolz, Oct 05 2002

       [bristolz]: My link added wasn't malisciously intended. Only the first four lines illuminate my satarical interpretation for linked technology that misses the point for this idea.
hollajam, Oct 06 2002

       whatever that means
bristolz, Oct 06 2002

       Actually, if you two have finished, bristolz's method of lie detection is supposed to be much more reliable than other available techniques. So, hollajam, bris has not only done you a favor by providing that link, her suggestion makes your hypothetical device more likely to work.   

       Personally, I would prefer a simple blinking red light on the person's nose to a halo.
DrCurry, Oct 06 2002

       DrCurry, thanks for your diplomacy. You and bristolz are correct that IFR technology is superior. Thank you, bris, for your links.

       For the purpose of these glasses IFR technology wouldn't be suitable though. I thought the difference in application was more obvious so I interpreted bris' links as a fair game play but undermining the idea since the links appeared with a fish bone.   

       An IFR cell would have to be constantly attenuated for gulps of coffee, judgment calls of someone blushing at a gentle joke, etc... It would be arduous to keep it focused on target and "squelched" in sensitivity. IFR applications demand that the wearer postulate questions for yes /no answers possibly alerting the subject. Hypothetically a subject could "saunter" about the room eluding detection. And finally IFR cells are not as discreet as a tiny mic.   

       The beauty I was referring to is being able to regain sense of control for the wearer:   

       She toggled the switch 'off' to the LCD lenses. Just as she was coming to suspect, "A colorful liar he (she) is!", she thought with resolve.   

       Intuitively she moved, her strategy fluid and satisfying. Continuing on in the conversation, she began to entertain herself and build momentum.   

       "Toggle off--rainbow halo." "Toggle off -- Rainbow halo"   

       "Toggle--rainbow" Toggle--rainbow"   

       "Rainbow...rainbow... rainbow..."   

       The whimsy of it promoted her emotions and raised her confidence...
hollajam, Oct 07 2002


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