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LEGO® alarm clock

Make it stop
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So I suppose this is a program, running on a computer, that wakes you in the morning. Said alarm is only silenced by constructing a LEGO structure out of bricks. The alarm would display a picture of something to build and you would have to put it together. A color camera tracks your progress and governs the alarm.

This whole setup would have to be mounted in a case small enough to sit on a night stand. Camera, display, processor and alert would be in one unit, with battery backup.

evilpenguin, Mar 06 2008

Jigsaw puzzle alarm clock http://gizmodo.com/...rm-clock-032138.php
[DrCurry, Mar 07 2008]

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       It wouldn't necessarily need a physical set of blocks. An electronic version with touch screen display could spare you the logistics of a camera (etc) but at the expense of the loss the touch and feel of snapping together Legos. My problem might be that I would still be late to work because I blew all my time playing with the Legos.   

       There is another hazard. Kids and pets may find better uses for those Legos. Besides ingesting them, they might drop them on the floor where one might step on them while panicking to get the alarm turned off.. That will wake you up!   

       Still, I give this idea a plus.
CwP, Mar 07 2008

       Where is the requirement that we be mentally alert the moment we wake up? It's enough, surely, that we be awake just enough to reach over and smash the alarm clock against the wall.
DrCurry, Mar 07 2008

       That's what I thought this would be.
(-) Sorry, tired of magical "computer checks whether human completed some complex task" clocks.
jutta, Mar 07 2008

       [jutta] Okay, okay. But what is so hard about a computer detremining rectangular COLORED bricks? if processing was an issue I would just make the LEGO structure flat, facing the camera. Sort of 2-D.   

       <Runs away to right code>
evilpenguin, Mar 10 2008

       I thought I was so clever searching google images to find out this was baked many times over.   

       That was until I actually read the idea and not just the title. Now it seems I am not clever, just disappointed.
sprogga, Mar 11 2008


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