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melancholic Japanese maple tree clock

(with apologies to [2 fries])
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A lone bonsai maple tree stands on an elegant rocky outcrop. Every hour, one of twelve grey autumnal cloud balloons is inflated behind the tree; every minute one of sixty tiny maple leaves falls from the tree. At the end of twelve hours all the balloons deflate again and at the end of every hour the maple leaves are automatically hoisted back into position on their fine silk threads.
hippo, Oct 09 2015

Fake_20Plastic_20Trees [calum, Oct 10 2015]


       + lovely, of course!
xandram, Oct 09 2015

       I suppose a maple syrup stream would be too Wonka?
4and20, Oct 10 2015

       The maple syrup stream will be allowable only when we've worked out how incorporate the attendant ants into the time readout function. Whereupon it will be mandatory.
pertinax, Oct 10 2015

       FarmerJohn would bow to you hippo, for your imagination in the genre of clock. Love.
blissmiss, Oct 10 2015


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