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L/R switch

a built-in switch for switching hands
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I use a symmetric ("ambidextrous") shaped mouse with six buttons. Due to the ever changing arrangement of desktop clutter, sometimes I switch between using my left hand and right. When this happens, suddenly my index finger is placed over where my middle finger was, my thumb is placed over where my pinky was, etc. Each time I switch hands, I have to get used to the change in the fingers-to-buttons arrangement. Now here is where the L/R switch would come in handy: one click of a switch means that a middle finger click will still pop-up a contextual menu even after switching hands. This avoids the rather cumbersome task of going to the control panels and changing the button settings for all six buttons, or getting used to the change each time. Should work well also when a computer is shared with a leftie and a rightie.
rhatta, Apr 14 2005


       Well, up until five seconds ago, I thought I could do this. But then I found that my PC, for some reason, has decided that the Kensington ExpertMouse connected to it was not that thing, and will no longer run the Kensington software.
DrCurry, Apr 14 2005

       I have a coworker who's mouse is set up leftie. I'm all for this....I have to use his computer for a second, periodically, and this would be handy.
normzone, Apr 14 2005

       <aside> UB - that is interesting. I'm left-handed for writing, but use the mouse right-handed, and find most precision tasks easier with the right. It is sort of counter-intuitive that you and I (any others?) write with our less dextrous (!) hand. Is your handwriting as crap as mine?</aside>
Basepair, Apr 15 2005

       Maybe just a thumb switch on the mouse itself. No need to involve the computer or drivers at all. Grab mouse, press thumb button on left side = right handed. Button would be placed far enough back to not be accidently pressed by pinky.
Cedar Park, Apr 16 2005

       [UB] I'm righthanded but use the mouse in my left hand too.
hippo, Apr 16 2005

       Cedar Park: Actually that's close to what I had in mind when writing this: a physical switch, kind of like an on/off switch, placed underneath the mouse. For some mice, eg. Apple's battery-operated Cordless Mouse that already has an on/off switch underneath, the switch can be a leftie/off/rightie switch.
rhatta, Dec 26 2005

       Excellent. At last, a way of shutting up whiny sinister lefties who insist that they can't use a right-handed mouse, and since they are lefties cannot be trusted with access to Control Panel.   

8th of 7, Jan 17 2014

       In order to equally distribute the ergonomic wear and tear I now mouse left-handed at work and right-handed at home, both on mice nominally configured for the right hand.
normzone, Jan 17 2014

       // left-handed at work and right-handed at home //   

       How does this reduce wear on the mouse ?
8th of 7, Jan 17 2014

       And would you need a new mouse trap for this?
pashute, Jan 18 2014


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