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Lactation weight loss

Get rid of those extra calories
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Liposuction is a weight loss technique in which the fat is drawn out surgically. It is expensive and not completely safe. Lactating women naturally turn ingested/stored calories into liquid form and excrete them as milk. It is well known that lactation can be induced (or stopped) via hormonal manipulations. Artificial lactation could be developed as a safe weight loss technique.

Women (or men) interested in losing weight would receive hormonal treatments to induce lactation. Most would then use breast pumps to dispense with the milk. Lactation has some drawbacks in that it is time consuming and breasts may be sore - however compared with liposuction and other surgical and pharmacologic techniques which have been used to this end, lactation is physiologic and benign.

bungston, Sep 18 2003

Milkmen http://www.unassist...rth.com/milkmen.htm
You're right, could be men too. [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

HumanButter [phunklerot] http://www.halfbake...om/idea/HumanButter
HB idea on what to do with all the extra milk. [Laughs Last, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Plans for breast milk banking http://www.mercola....east_milk_banks.htm
[Tiger Lily, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]


       I wish I had never clicked that second link.
DeathNinja, Sep 18 2003

       Granted, obese men already have "man boobs", but wouldn't this treatment cause them to still have them after the weight is lost?
Freefall, Sep 18 2003

       Swell idea. I've been recommending lactation weight loss for months ever since my wife gave birth and has lost 10 pounds from her pre-pregancy weight. The resulting breast milk could be banked for use by those women who are unable to breastfeed. A win win for all those involved.
jrzx15, Sep 18 2003

       Hmmm... Chap paps. That's a mental image I never wanted to have.
lostdog, Sep 18 2003

       Fess up, bungston, you just want the free lunch. ;b
Tiger Lily, Sep 19 2003

       I hear that works too. I just try to eat healthy and exercise.
Worldgineer, Sep 19 2003

       A woman producing milk for a baby will expend a total of about 600 calories lactating, per day. Milk builds up continuously, yet is excreted only discretely, for 15 minutes out of every 2 hours. This makes 180 minutes of discharge per day, yielding a burn rate of 200 calories per hour of activity. This is similar to the burn rate attained with a brisk walk.
Laughs Last, Sep 19 2003

       Sounds like all you'd need is a constant milking device to get rid of 600 calories/day.
Worldgineer, Sep 19 2003

       A constant milking device, with enough hormones:
24 (hours in day) x 200 (calories/hour) = 4800 (calories per day)
Laughs Last, Sep 19 2003

       Easy with that. If your pump fails there could be an explosion.
Worldgineer, Sep 19 2003

       I don't know about a breast milk bank, but breast milk could be used by those plasma bank folks and processed for the antibodies. I believe that a lot of donated plasma is used in this way. Breast milk is full of antibodies as well, and there would be no limit on how often you could donate. This might be a money maker for the lactating set.
bungston, Sep 20 2003

       Got milk?   

       Goth milk?
DeathNinja, Sep 20 2003

       Lactacting men? EEEWWWWWWW!!!!! Plus, I thought it was nice that breastfeeding was exclusive of women, along with giving birth. What is next? Men will develop breasts of their own and play with them?
Pericles, Sep 20 2003

       ...as Steve Martin said, in L.A Story: "I could never be a woman, 'cause I'd just stay home and play with my breasts all day"
hippo, Sep 20 2003

       I know there are a lot of male nurses, and thats cool, but male wet nurses?   

       Yep, you could start a large Weight Watchers like chain. I vote naming it "Lactation Station".
RoboBust, Sep 21 2003

       "Above the Waist Wankers"
FarmerJohn, Sep 21 2003

       Legal only in Nevada.
Tiger Lily, Sep 21 2003

       UnaBubba, while it's sad your wife had to wean at such an early age, at least she tried. I'd suggest that she try producing milk again, but using a pump is REEEALLY PAINFUL- unless you -enjoy- experimenting with a Hoover. A lot of good points here, like why shouldn't the milk be banked for those medically unable to nurse? And yes, it does cause weight loss, but not efficiently enough to be worth the hassle to a non-postnatal person. Not to mention the pain and blisters those $200 machines cause; or the bruising and mastitus from "hand-milking". Just diet and excercise- less strenuous and less risk of medical problems from the hormone drugs.
Chamelienne, Sep 21 2003

       //We have had some success with goat milk.// Kids will be kids.
FarmerJohn, Sep 22 2003

       Evidently [Chamelienne] tried to nurse a Hoover.
Tiger Lily, Sep 22 2003

       I keep thinking about how hungry I got when breast-feeding.
po, Sep 22 2003

       Fellatio class? Apparently, my educational opportunities have been lacking.
bristolz, Mar 28 2005


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