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Invertebrates for Diet Success

Meal sizes drastcially reduced with the help of friendly earthworms
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This isnt actually my idea so i cant take the credit for it - saw it in an Italian art book a few years back - those Italians, such gourmets...anyway, this is how it goes: take two perspex plates, crush one six-inch earthworm between them, and voila! try serving pinto bean ragout, red cabbage cassoulet or lentil and mung bean stew on it for your local obesity-sufferer, and watch them take a few bites before saying politely, 'oh that was delicious, but i couldn't possibly eat another bite'. Or reviewing the menu.
caughtwithpantsdown, Feb 02 2004


       recipe? consumer advice?
po, Feb 02 2004

       Welcome to the Halfbakery.
neelandan, Feb 02 2004

       Po, i think spaghetti would go down a treat.
caughtwithpantsdown, Feb 02 2004

       fishbone for containing earthworms.
twelve, Feb 04 2004

       Sorry, but the only way I like my invertibrates is deep fried - thus negating all "diet" potential ...
Letsbuildafort, Feb 04 2004


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