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Laptop Built-in Mousepad

Little slide-out mousepad for laptops
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Sometimes I would rather use a mouse on my laptop instead of the touchpad. At home, I simply plug one in, but when I travel I can't do this.

The Mini-Mousepad would be a small mousing surface that slides out of the side of the laptop with a mini-mouse attached and connected to the computer internally. This way the mouse won't get separated from the computer.

-----, Nov 06 2004

HP OmniBook http://www.246.dk/Ppcom-1.jpg
[krelnik, Nov 08 2004]

Illustration http://img85.exs.cx...adcompressed4zu.gif
[-----, Mar 22 2005]

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       I seem to remember seeing a mousepad like this, as a clip-on rather than built-in, but I can't find any links.   

       Could you run your mouse on the CD tray...?
DrCurry, Nov 06 2004

       HP made a micro-laptop that had a tiny little mouse that popped out of the side and operated on a little swing arm. The movement was measured inside by how the arm moved, so the tiny mouse had no electrical parts in it. I thought it was pretty neat, but apparently I was the only one. See link.
krelnik, Nov 08 2004

       No, I liked it too.
st3f, Nov 08 2004

       sure, but I would rather have a 60gb hard drive (it would take up so much space)
gelie, Mar 04 2005

       My laptop has a USB optical mouse. I use any approximately flat surface as a mouse-pad, such as my thigh, or a char (="chair"; sorry, [half]) arm, or the part of the laptop next to the touchpad.
//when I travel I can't do this.//
Why not?
<really confused>
angel, Mar 04 2005

       I would _always_ rather use a mouse than my touchpad.   

       ("char arm", angel? I know a guy who had one of those. He fell on a really, really hot barbecue grill. Ended up with a really cool scar on his forearm.)
half, Mar 04 2005

       ---- change your name, please!   

       perhaps ----1
po, Mar 04 2005

       I always read it as [VeryNegative], [po].
half, Mar 04 2005

       did you? why?
po, Mar 04 2005

       Never mind.
half, Mar 04 2005


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