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Laptop Fire Extinguisher

Class D fire extinguisher which fits in your laptop bag
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While there are many reports of laptop fires these days, very few people posses a weapon capable of fighting such a fire. The Laptop Fire Extinguisher is a device resembling traditional kitchen fire extinguishers, except it is a Class D copper powder fire extinguisher capable of extinguishing lithium ion battery fires.
ftzdomino, Sep 22 2006

Regular Size Class D Copper Powder Fire Extinguisher http://www.safetyem...US/detail.htm?09592
[ftzdomino, Sep 22 2006]

A similarly sized kitchen fire extinguisher http://www.acehardw...p-70248.html?ref=42
[ftzdomino, Sep 22 2006]

Toasted sandwich maker http://www.argos.co...ndwich+toasters.htm
[Dub, Sep 23 2006]

Don't extinguish - Eject http://memory-alpha...ore_ejection_system
Could come with cool push-buttons and count-down [loonquawl, Mar 28 2009]

Five children and their father killed in laptop fire http://www.haaretz....house-fire-1.420868
[pashute, Feb 26 2013]

Here's the full story, after the investigation (confirmed later) http://www.haaretz....ted-laptop-1.421143
[pashute, Feb 26 2013]

Images of house, a portrait of father and one of the children, and of crying surviving mother https://www.google....ix%252F%3B635%3B357
[pashute, Feb 26 2013]

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       Only if you equip the extinguisher with a wi-fi ready video transmitter that is heat activated so I can watch it burn at just the right temp.
SuperHole, Sep 22 2006

       I prefer the idea of incorporating a waffle-griddle into the keyboard framework... but I'll bun this... Hmm, toasted buns...   

       Hmmm... toasted cheese sandwiches :d
Dub, Sep 23 2006

       I had a fire on my laptop once, but lo and behold when I stood up, my laptop was gone! Turns out I had a slight rash from Ivy. That's the last time I let Ivy sit on my lap.   

       <looks around for drum kit, sees none, walks away dejected>
Canuck, Sep 23 2006

       What would be more useful, is a small CO2 or Halon cylinder (I'm talking 2" long or so) that discharges automatically into the battery area of the laptop if it detects a fire. Think race car fire systems, just scaled down.
DIYMatt, Mar 28 2009

       As the battery is unsalvageable anyways, why not just eject and let blow?
loonquawl, Mar 28 2009

       //I had a fire on my laptop once,//   

       Ouch! That sounds like it hurt!
Dub, Mar 29 2009

       I had a fire too, it was on my bed. I detached it from the electricity and it extinguished. But last year we had a whole family burnt alive caused by a laptop on one of the kids beds catching on fire. See link.
pashute, Feb 26 2013


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