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Laser Cutter

Cut down small unwanted trees with the push of a button!
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This special type of lawnmower could have blades, but with a laser shooter attached to the end of the hood, so if theres a small tree too tough for the blades, press a button, and a wide beam shoots it down safely. The battery for the laser could be stored in an empty area in the engine, and the button for the laser in the middle of the sterring wheel. The battery could be just powerful enough to shoot the beam only about 2 or 3 feet to prevent accidental fires from stray beams. and once the tree is gone, what about the damaging stump left? no problem! another laser beam ejector could be mounted under the deck just away from the blades so when you run over it, it will automaticly recognize the color and shape, and burn the stump with a wide, powerful laser beam that runs off the same battery.
paperclip987, Jun 27 2004

Laser mower http://www.wolf-gar...id=968676741&SKIP=0
[kbecker, Oct 04 2004]


       How rarely do you mow your lawn, to be taken by surprise by trees? The only trees on my lawn are meant to be there.
spacemoggy, Jun 27 2004

       The battery thing is absurd given how much current a device like this would need to consume.   

       This is truly bad science.
bristolz, Jun 27 2004

       How are you going to make a laser powerful enough to cut a small tree, and yet weak enough to only fire 3 feet?
5th Earth, Jun 27 2004

       Perfect question, 5th earth.   

       You could have something that absorbs the laser (stuck out about three feet) and then put the tree between the laser and the absorber....   

       Agree with the battery thing bristolz... What if we could rig it to un off of the burning sap? Probably impossible or very hard; also pointless.
DesertFox, Jun 27 2004

       "I see the weeds are strong in this one..."
lostdog, Jun 27 2004

       Yes, I also need a powerful laser for...tree stumps in my lawn. I will only use it for cutting grass. Where do I sign up to buy it?
sartep, Jun 27 2004

       [paperclip987] I would estimate a 10kW laser so you will have to run it straight from the engine (100HP considering some losses). Also power does not determine reach better add a focussing mechanism so the laser spreads out fast behind the tree.   

       [sartep] check link for sign up information.
kbecker, Jun 27 2004


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