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Laser Frame

"Get the fuck outta frame!"
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Also heard on many student film shoots: "Shut the fuck up for picture!"

Anyway, I think that an array of laser pointers around the camera forming a screen (a line around the scene) a foot outside of frame (everything that is in the camera's view) then it would be much easier for everybody to keep themselves and their shit out of frame.

If especially strong varieties of laser were used, it would probably be easier to form a laser screen.

Alternatively, the 1st AC could use ONE laser pointer to show a PA where some flourescent tape needs to go, and just repeat this process for every set-up. But of course the studios would rather go high-tech.

Eugene, Sep 08 2003


       Are we a bit bitter today?   

       Might be technically difficult to project a laser frame if the camera featured a zoom lens.
Cedar Park, Sep 09 2003

       Difficult but not terribly so. Could even be incorporated into the lens. Of course you could only use this in situations where you only have one camera.
Worldgineer, Sep 09 2003

       You could mount this on top of the camera and have it project out in a V. This could be done with 2 laser pointers. Of course, you would need a fog machine or smoke, so people could easily see the beams and avoid them. Fog machines are generally underused anyway, and add to any scene. Alternatively, some of the flour from that tape could be tossed around to form a cloud - which would be cheaper and biodegradable, but explosive.
bungston, Sep 09 2003

       Sounds like a good idea to me, but what if you've got more than one camera rolling?
DrCurry, Sep 09 2003

       I go for the //strong varieties// laser. That way people know immediately when they cross the line because the violating appendages just fall off. [bungston] will even get some smoke.
kbecker, Sep 09 2003

       Actually, fog machines are used often. A touch of fog makes the lighting better. Spielburg uses it a lot. You just can't tell.
Eugene, Sep 11 2003

       Better be unwinding the duveen on everything just outside of frame. The caustic patterns from laser reflections could easily pollute the image. Maybe it'd just be momentary before film/tape is rolled.
bristolz, Sep 11 2003

       Yeah, make it a button you press like the flash charger on cheap cameras.
phoenix, Sep 11 2003


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