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Laser projection wristwatch

An idea whose time has come.
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This wrist-carried timepiece has no dial or other overt display. It does have a touch-sensitive upper surface, and a concealed microphone.

On touching the watch, or on a spoken command, a scanning laser projects the time and date from a tiny window onto any available surface. Since it is a laser, there is no focussing issue.

On the de Luxe version, there is an optional high power fixed beam cut/burn mode for pranksters and secret agents.

8th of 7, Aug 10 2017

ASU CastOne http://www.a-su.com.cn/Home/En/os
[xaviergisz, Aug 10 2017]

Warning sticker http://ledmuseum.ca...er.us/sixth/bsl.gif
[hippo, Aug 10 2017]

Ritot https://www.eevblog...watch-on-indiegogo/
Mentioned in my anno [notexactly, Sep 08 2017]

Blamix https://www.eevblog...ed-projects/t39829/
Mentioned in my anno. My thread. This one also incorporates a phone. [notexactly, Sep 08 2017]

Coolest Clock https://www.eevblog...ecting-dark-light!/
Mentioned in my anno. Wall-mounted but similar. [notexactly, Sep 08 2017]


       Yes, [xav], seen that - but it only projects a few centimeters.   

       The BorgCo product can project right across a street.
8th of 7, Aug 10 2017

       To avoid tiresome litigation, can I suggest it has a warning sticker (see link) on it?
hippo, Aug 10 2017

       [hippo] nice but I hope that sticker isn't on your lab door.   

       [8th of 7] By Douglas Adam's standards, are you sure you are not human?
wjt, Aug 11 2017

       This, more or less, has been baked as crowdfunding scams: [links]. The scammers were using some kind of magical dark projectors, which this doesn't try to. However, the projection angle problem still applies.
notexactly, Sep 08 2017


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