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Melting Watch

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This would be a watch that slowly "melts" and deforms Salvador Dali style and because of that only lasts about as long as the battery (2 years or so).
Spacecoyote, Dec 10 2008


       [marked-for-deletion] how does this work?
hippo, Dec 10 2008

       There's many different plastics possible, surely one of them melts slowly.
Spacecoyote, Dec 10 2008

       It's not the deforming I have a problem with, but the watch continuing to operate.
phoenix, Dec 10 2008

       the working part (digital) could be quite small in a melting watch - perhaps something that melts in heat and then when you take it off it solidifies again (something must have those properties surely).
po, Dec 10 2008

       completely possible. Remove your MFD sir!
Voice, Dec 10 2008

       Author needs to explain the mechanism further. If it's a temp. dependent melting event, then the thing is only going to work in certain climates. People in Norway will never know they have such funky cool watches. Poor poor icy tall blonde people.   

       Otherwise, if you want to make some sort of polymer blend that is solid in blended state and seperates over time into constituent monomeric liquid phases, perhaps, then this needs to be included. This would be a metastable solid state that undergoes liquid phase separation over a period of two years. I don't even really know about this stuff, but I still think it should be included. Otherwise, it's magic.
daseva, Dec 10 2008

       It's a watch, not a thermometer. It melts with the passage of time. I'm not a physics major or a chemistry buff, so I wouldn't do much good trying to explain how.
Spacecoyote, Dec 10 2008

       so you could call it a half-life watch!
po, Dec 11 2008

       Ideally, the idea text should explain the idea, rather than waiting for the annotations to fill in the gaps.
hippo, Dec 11 2008

       Like how bread goes stale. Hmm. A watch that goes stale, Oh now I get it.
daseva, Dec 11 2008


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