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A high-tech alternative to paper rock scissors.
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The thing that always irked me about playing paper/rock/scissors when I was a kid was that paper covering rock really made no sense. Rock should have been able to beat everything.

So in the interest of creating a game with a *little* more realism, and some more modern tools, I've come up with a game called Laser/Hammer/Mirror.

It's played just like paper rock scissors. The hammer gesture is just like the old rock gesture, the mirror gesture is much like the paper gesture except it's holding your flat hand vertical, sorta like you're karate chopping. laser is just like scissors except you just extend your pointer finger and keep your middle finger in.

Laser melts hammer, hammer smashes mirror, mirror reflects laser.

kurleykyew, Jun 19 2003

Airborne Laser http://www.boeing.c...abl_inflt-mrgd.html
Not sure if this link will work from outside boeing. 747 freighter modified with a high-power laser turret to shoot down missiles [Freefall, Oct 17 2004]

paper, scissors, stone – fillet steak. http://www.halfbake...20fillet_20steak_2e
related idea by [po] (WTAGIPBAN) [krelnik, Oct 17 2004]

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Shameless self-promotion (thanks to Desert Fox) [GenYus, Oct 17 2004]


       Hammers are kind of low-tech.   

       Maybe a drill bit or a skil saw?
rapid transit, Jun 19 2003

       True dat. Still, it is higher tech than rock.
kurleykyew, Jun 20 2003

       Replace that hammer with a nuclear warhead. Its modern and it will certainly smash the mirror. The laser will melt the warhead. The last is actually still a dream of the US weapons fanatics so you are ahead of the curve. The symbol could still be a fist, a little like a rising mushroom cloud.
kbecker, Jun 20 2003

       Hmm... Laser/Mirror/Thermonuclear Warhead... I dunno..   

       I guess you could put nearly anything in place of the hammer, since mirrors are so easy to break. The hard part is coming up with a convicing gesture.
kurleykyew, Jun 20 2003

       Give 'em the ol' dove
thumbwax, Jun 20 2003

       Maybe a Larry/Moe/Curly version?
rapid transit, Jun 20 2003

       Laser/sonic cannon/mirror?
bristolz, Jun 20 2003

       its really not the same without Uri Geller
po, Jun 20 2003

       Nothing is.
bungston, Jun 20 2003

       Hullaballoon/ Goldfish Bowl/ Cream Cheese Rings
Worldgineer, Jun 20 2003

       Trout/ Mask/ Replica?
my face your, Jun 20 2003

       Heh. // Trout/mask/Replica/myface... //   

       Oh, hang on, he's a lawyer, better delete this quick.
egbert, Jun 20 2003

       he's scotch, quite different :)
po, Jun 20 2003

       OK then:
Scotland/ Wales/ England.
Scotland invades England.
England conquers Scotland.
Wales discovers America. No, wait.
my face your, Jun 20 2003

       where's the scotch?
po, Jun 20 2003

egbert, Jun 20 2003

       Ning/ Nang/ Nong.
my face your, Jun 20 2003

       Boulder knackers Bubba
Backhoes move Boulders
Bubba controls Backhoe

       (For those still scratching their heads, UB recently came off worse in a struggle to move a boulder. It was suggested that machinery existed to facilitate the process.)
egbert, Jun 20 2003

       ...or you could have the post-modern irony version of the game...

Thermonuclear Device/Thermonuclear Device/Thermonuclear Device

...where everyone always loses.
DrBob, Jun 21 2003

       thats a conversation killer.
po, Jun 21 2003

       un poor buggar <g>
po, Jun 21 2003

       at least you didn't hit him with the shovel head.
kurleykyew, Jun 21 2003

       Would the hammer not break the laser as well, if wielded in the right direction?
hazel, Jun 21 2003

       We must assume the *source* of the laser is quite far away, so the hammer wouldn't be able to get there before it was melted. Only the mirror reflecting the beam back can destroy the source and disrupt the beam.
kurleykyew, Jun 22 2003

       I guess the whole system breaks down at quantum levels. Everyone wins and loses at the same time.
rapid transit, Jun 24 2003

       Bubba knackers neighbour
Neighbour slumps on boulder
Boulder buggers Bubba
DrBob, Jun 24 2003

       Rock paper scissors I like better, as its easier to say and quicker and has tradition...
DarkRanger, Jun 24 2003

       The name could use a little work I suppose. too bad LHM isn't a good acronym. HaLaMi?
kurleykyew, Mar 20 2004

       Is Larry/Moe/Curly the same as Poke/Slap/Punch?
K-trein, Mar 29 2004

       Hammer coujld also smash laser. Lasers are delicate, you know.
DesertFox, May 31 2004

       Make the lazer with a titanium shell to protect it from the hammer.   

       I like this!
macncheesy, Jun 28 2004

       But does reflecting a laser do anything worse to the laser than paper covering rock? Unless the mirror is able to reflect the laser beam back into the laser. But would the mirror melt before the laser cut through the titanium shell?
GenYus, Jun 28 2004

       No no no, you guys have it all wrong.   

       The device that is generating the laser is fragile, yes, but it's very very far away. the Hammer is melted long before it can reach the laser. the mirror however merely reflects the beam back at the fragile source of the beam and destroys it.
kurleykyew, Aug 11 2004


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