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Lateral Audio Plug

Plug in from the side
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95% of all audio plugs will get jacked at some point and fail either the left or right ear. A very common place this happens is in airplanes where the plug is positioned by the heavy thighs of the previous occupant, who has pressed the plug out of shape.

Then you come along, looking forward to some 21th century stereo technology, and get mono if you are lucky.

So this new product - the lateral 3.5mm TRS saggital slice female audio socket - allows you to clip the male plug in sideways, into a springy clamp; imagine installing a fuse.

Any sharp yank will pull the plug right out of the spring.

If this is on a phone, and you take the phone on a boat, and then you plow into a wave full of salt water, and the wave goes into your audio jack, and turns it green;

if you had a lateral audio plug, you could easily clean the exposed contacts. Current designed jacks, require you to throw out the entire device, and as time goes on and this happens again and again, it will start to eat into your budget.

Depending on design there may need to be a soft rubber cap to protect from short circuiting with keys in the pocket.

mylodon, Oct 19 2017


       I might have completely missed this, but could this look like female bayonet on tube fluorescent lamps? If not the fuse clamp sticks out which seems snaggy...
beanangel, Oct 20 2017

       "Sharp yank" - tautology?
RayfordSteele, Oct 21 2017

       In the south, they yank slow.
mylodon, Oct 23 2017

       <Tom Lehrer>   

       "Our captain has a handicap to cope with, sad to tell
He's from Georgia, and he doesn't speak the language very well ..."

       </Tom Lehrer>
8th of 7, Oct 23 2017

       Current jacks require you to learn to solder. But I'm in favor of anything that keeps the 1/8" TRS/TRRS connector popular for headphones.
notexactly, Mar 18 2018


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