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Lawnmower FLIR

Mower-mounted FLIR camera saves appendages.
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To make it nearly impossible to lose a hand or foot to a mower, install a thermal imaging camera right underneath the blade with a wide angle lense so that it has a view of the whole blade. If an object emitting heat (like a body part) approaches the blade, the clutch disengages and an emergency brake stops the blade from spinning. It could also do the same if a large rock intruded to save the blade from damage.

Of course now it would be expensive but I'm sure eventually the price of thermal imaging cameras will come down.

DIYMatt, May 18 2009

SafeTSaw http://www.metacafe...ch/774738/safetsaw/
seems to be strictly one-time, but worth it. [loonquawl, May 18 2009]


       I hope this sort of technology will reduce mechanical accidents to the same extent earth leakage protection devices have prevented electrical acidents [+]   

       This reminds me of a table saw safety device called safeTsaw.
xaviergisz, May 18 2009

       How would you detect the rocks?
skegger, May 18 2009

       As with the mentioned saw-safety, the blade could be retracted at the same time. I foresee trouble with sun-warmed grass, hands in dew-cooled gloves, and any other FLIR-annoyance.   

       How about a high frequency transmitter on you, that uses you as an antenna, and a receiver on the blade that detects the approach? The device would be dead-man switch style, so you could not start the mower without it. Leaves the rest of the populace unprotected, though.
loonquawl, May 18 2009


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