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Leave-a-penny, Leave-a-penny dish

Why encourange people to take pennies? Think of the money to be made if all people did was leave them?
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Vecini, Jan 23 2001

people need pennies http://futurebird.d....com/001130_83.html
I use the "take a penny" option most of the time [futurebird, Jan 23 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       PeterSealy: yes it is done for not-for-profits, but think about making such a dish for small convenience stores and then licensing advertising rights on it as well.   

       Ravenswood, I like how you think.
Vecini, Jan 23 2001

       A penny for your thoughts... but everybody's always putting their two cents in.   

       Somebody's making a penny.
zigness, Feb 14 2004


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