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Firewalking Shmirewalking......
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Any person with little children in the house knows the horror of waking in the night to go get a snack and doing the dreaded LegoWalk.

Legos hurt. They are unique. They hurt bad, but just below the level that makes you unable to walk, therefore, you are able to take another step and land on more legos.

To do this without screaming and waking the children is not easy. It is done with fervent concentration, as to not make a noise.

It is my belief that this is much harder than firewalking, and that to show their religeous faith, we will scatter legos inside the coal-beds, and have them walk on legos instead.

DesertFox, Oct 27 2005

Lego God http://img428.image...2084/legogod4da.jpg
Taken from the lego bible. [dbmag9, Oct 28 2005]


       Stickle bricks would be a good addition.   

       Btw, you put this into religion, Is there a Lego god or sumthin?
skinflaps, Oct 27 2005

       Legos hurt when you step on a small number of them, but not if your weight is distributed over many. Think of it like walking on gravel. It doesn’t hurt, but step on one pebble of that gravel while walking on pavement - yeoch! Or compare it to lying on a bed of nails, not that anyone can relate to that, but same thing.
Shz, Oct 27 2005

       Frankly, I'll stick to firewalking.
DrCurry, Oct 27 2005

       [Shz] Not filled to the brim...   

       <edited to explain better>
DesertFox, Oct 27 2005

       //Legos hurt. They are unique// don't little boys play with plastic toy soldiers any more?
po, Oct 27 2005

       I though this might be a set of instructions for making some Lego that could run around on - well legs of course. I envisaged a large red brick with legs coming out of it stumbling about because it had no brain. Made me laugh anyway DF - so + but what about burning Lego walking ? - you could make pretend hot coals out of Lego, then set them on fire for more realism.
xenzag, Oct 27 2005

       "Lego god"   

       I AM WHAT I AM.
RayfordSteele, Oct 28 2005

       [Xenzag[, do you have any idea how bad burning legos smell?
5th Earth, Oct 29 2005

       Ya you really shouldn't inhale those fumes.   


       Though it still is funny to light their heads on fire.
Cuit_au_Four, Oct 29 2005

       This is baked at my house... well, at least if you think of my 8 year olds room as a bed of coals... and my faith that I must go and tuck him in at night.   

       A bun to you for allowing me to see it as a religeous act.
James Newton, Oct 29 2005


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