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Lego Mobile Phone

A Modular Mobile Phone Kit
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The trend seems to be that objects should be personalised- mobile phones* are no exception. Customisable faces, 'screen savers', operator logos, and ring tones add style and a wider marketing appeal.

Taken to its logical extreme, mobile phone manufacturers could create a totally modular phone in the flavour of lego. This would have a number of advantages:

1. the user could personalise it further

2. the same phone could be reassembled to suit different circumstances, eg, a tradesman could have a thick water proof case on the job, and a sleek stylish case when out-and-about.

3. when parts become redundant or break, only the part needs to be replaced.

4. comic possibilities: the phone could be mounted in a shoe.

Being in the form of Lego it is easy to assemble. The mobile phones could be released as an extension of the Mind Storms range. It could even be made to interface somehow with a users existing Mind Storms creations.

[* Sorry, where I'm from, we don't call them cell phones.]

sdm, Jul 23 2001

Like this? http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Lego_20PDA
[StarChaser, Jul 23 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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Modular mobile. http://www.modumobile.com/
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       Redundant. See link.   

       The US refers to them as 'cell phones' because that was the first type of non-ground line phone that was available here. The name stuck. Kind of like 'dialing', when there haven't been dials on phones in 20 years.
StarChaser, Jul 23 2001

       You ever stood on lego in the middle of the night? imagine the anguish when you discover not only have you crippled yourself, but also that you've broken your phone.
No thankyou SDM, I'll keep with my sticklebrick mobile.
Little_Crow, Jul 23 2001

       i just liked the idea but in an other sense i would love to have pocket phone (that is the direct translation that we use here) looking like oldtime legos but certainly they must be stronger
BALIKEKMEK, Jul 23 2001, last modified Jul 24 2001

       RodsTiger:how about e.t.?[so ,a 'home phone']
technobadger, Jul 23 2001


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