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One button Pen Phone (or watch)

Outgoing calls done by saying number, or calling operator.
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You press the "Button" if your not in conversation: and hear a beep. You record the number you want (by saying it) or the person you want. The phone then goes online and sends the number (that's easy voice recognition) or sends your recording.

The operator/server replies with digital info. The conversation should not take much bandwidth. Your phone now has a number input into it, and dials it. A confirmation may be done during dialing so you can cancel it. (Of course you can cancel the at any time.

To record numbers that people are telling you while in conversation you give a short click on the button during conversation. That records the conversation, and if there are numbers or names will save it all in your personal info on the server. Or, if it's recording YOUR voice, it could be added to the recognizer info.

To hang up you give a long click. To answer incoming call give it a click.

That's all folks.

pashute, Oct 18 2002


       thanks for the vote, but no comments?
pashute, Oct 18 2002

       My cell phone lets me make calls by speaking a person's name - once I've programmed it. It also lets me store a phone number or short audio message while I'm using it.   

       I like the idea of directory assistance dumping the number into the phone, though. You'd need a standard for it to work properly.
phoenix, Oct 18 2002


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